#FlipkartWrapped2021: Stories of Inclusion and Hope, Straight from the Heart!

From an entrepreneur in Jharkhand who created an inclusive platform for artists with disabilities, to a trucking partner whose small family business grew along with Flipkart, an army veteran who is acing supply chain to women artisans in Punjab reviving their livelihoods through e-commerce, these stories gave us a reason to smile and be grateful in 2021.

Resilient, determined, empathetic, empowering – if we had to sum up the spirit of the Flipkart ecosystem in a year like no other, this would be it. From an entrepreneur in Jharkhand who, in the midst of the pandemic, created an inclusive platform for artists with disabilities, to a trucking partner whose small family business grew along with Flipkart, an army veteran who is acing supply chain to women artisans in Punjab reviving their livelihoods through e-commerce, these stories gave us a reason to smile and be grateful.

Read on if feel-good stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things is your potion of choice to wind down the year that was!   

Celebrating Strengths And The Atypical Advantage

Atypical Advantage, an organization that puts inclusion first, ensures that artists with disabilities across India have the opportunity and freedom they truly deserve. Empowering their mission, a partnership with Flipkart Samarth enabled the artists to have access to a pan-India online marketplace and see their handiwork reach all corners of the country.

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“When an artist with a disability looks at their painting displayed on Flipkart, it gives them confidence and allows their passion to become their purpose. Just seeing their artwork on Flipkart is in itself a joy,” says Vineet Saraiwala, Founder, Atypical Advantage.

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#Sellfmade & Driven — The Rashmi Wagerah Story


Heading the Sara Business Group, Rashmi Manojbhai Wagerah is a businesswoman with a never-quit spirit. Starting her journey in the B2B space, she wasn’t ready to see her potential be capped and decided to scale by taking matters into her own hands. Empowering her next major step into the B2C arena, Flipkart played a crucial role in her journey to the top. Today, her Flipkart Store keeps her hands full and her orders increase every single day.

Today, Rashmi’s enterprise employs 15 people. The COVID-19 pandemic too bolstered demand in online shopping, and the renewed interest in at-home cooking placed her in the right position to tap into growth.

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No Longer Just Trucking On

Building on his father’s legacy, Nawaz Pasha took the reins and ventured out into his family-owned trucking business. With his brother at his side, Nawaz has had an incredibly empowering 7 years with Flipkart, achieving many milestones along the way. From 10 trucks back in 2005, his journey has him now managing a fleet of over 200 vehicles. He and his brother took their company to new heights, winning their father’s pride along with the Flipkart Award for the ‘Best Company’ in the south zone.

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Beyond The Call Of Duty


When things seemed most bleak during the second wave of the pandemic, a space of hope took shape within a band of Flipkart employees (or Flipsters as we proudly call ourselves) — The Flipkart COVID Warrior Group. Determined to be of service to fellow Indians, these motivated employees found ways to best leverage their unique skill sets. While some manned COVID helplines, other Flipsters handled the legwork, logistics, and data sourcing. Within no time, they became a well-oiled machine, delivering solutions to over 200 families across borders and getting help to where it was needed most.

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Can and Able

Flipkart’s eKartians with Disabilities (eDAB) program is an empowering initiative that brings out the best in individuals. With a focus on strengths, abilities and endless potential, the program enabled Wishmaster Rakesh Kumar to embrace opportunity – one where he takes pride in his work, enjoys his success, and is treated with the respect and support he deserves.

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Inspiring With Every Step


Like any other day, Flipkart Wishmaster Rina Bera set out to do her job, all the while dismantling societal norms as she excelled in a male-dominated field. One fateful day, her drive and commitment to the Flipkart #CustomerFirst promise left a lasting mark in the heart of Flipkart customer Swaralipi Ghosh. Inspired by Rina’s story and pride in her work, Swaralipi took to social media to express her delight at being serviced by one of our finest.

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With Heart & An Undying Will, Sadik Thrives


Flipkart Seller Sadik Hussain was determined to stitch together his own success story. A person with disability, he used his learnings from 18 years of work experience and ventured into the online marketplace.

“One of the main reasons that I began selling online was because it meant that, unlike my offline business, I did not have to go door to door to different shops, climb stairs and so on. That used to be a bit of a problem for me,” he says.

Through a partnership with Flipkart Samarth, he scaled his mattress manufacturing company to new heights. Today, he works on 40 orders a day, leveraging the full power of the Flipkart ecosystem and infrastructure for success in e-commerce.

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From Kargil to Flipkart, a veteran’s story

After having worked in the most challenging conditions, Captain Jyoti Bisht, an Indian Army veteran, knew she could brave any challenge. With ample experience in supply chain management, she took the opportunity to become an Operations Manager at a Flipkart warehouse.

“One of the learnings from the army that I carry with me until now, and has also shaped my time here at Flipkart, is leadership and utmost trust in your team,” she says.

Today, years after she’s left the army, she recalls the valuable learnings that have guided her for life. Read on as she talks about her fascinating professional journey and her post-army life.

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Weaving A Brighter Tomorrow

For the weaver societies of Andhra Pradesh, e-commerce was the empowering next step that forever changed history. The APCO- Flipkart Samarth partnership came at just the right time to benefit these generational handloom weavers. Today, they’re not only able to preserve and profit from their craft, but also have a reliable support system for themselves and future generations. Like many who have inherited the trade, the state’s talented weavers can now pass on their skills and leave behind an epic legacy steeped in heritage.

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Embracing E-Commerce To Preserve And Thrive

Empowering the women artisans of Punjab meant integrating their handiwork and intricate designs into the e-commerce fold. While not the traditional route they were used to, these women, part of local Self Help Groups, were banking on e-commerce for a post-pandemic revival. By partnering with Flipkart Samarth, their reach is no longer limited to physical borders.

Going digital uncapped their potential and many are hopeful that this is their ticket to a sustainable and dignified livelihood.

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Making waves in Andamans and beyond

On days when he’s not being a responsible son to a father that works in the Indian Coast Guard, 20-year-old Joy David is a Flipkart Wishmaster and an aspiring rockstar. Destined to make it on the big stage, he knows that there’s no substitute for hard work. Wasting no time, he optimizes his day to make every second count. Be it through studying for finals, delivering packages for Flipkart, or composing music, he never misses his targets.

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Defined by courage


When life threw multiple curveballs Menaka’s way, she decided she didn’t want to be defined by hardships but by her courage to overcome them. Noticing the ample opportunity for women in the delivery space, she found an empowering opportunity to feature among the ranks of Flipkart Wishmasters. Taking the chance to prove herself, she’s now the author of her own success story. Her time with Flipkart has renewed her self-belief and has shown her just how strong she really is!

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Even as 2021 is coming to a close, the journey of empowerment continues on. We work to strengthen our ecosystem to serve as the engine for change for anyone looking to make a difference.

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