#WomenAtFlipkart – In Kolkata, a woman Wishmaster inspires our customer to write in!

Rina Bera has not been a Flipkart Wishmaster for long, but she certainly has a knack of leaving a lasting impression on our customers. Recently, a customer in Kolkata, for whom Rina made a Flipkart delivery, was inspired by her determination and #CustomerFirst attitude. Taking to social media, she shared her experience. We got in touch with the customer and Rina to get the full story. Read this inspiring story of a woman Wishmaster cementing her place in a field previously considered an all-male bastion.

woman wishmaster

For Flipkart Wishmaster Rina Bera, the day started out as it usually does – collecting her 40-odd shipments to be delivered to customers from the Flipkart hub in Salt Lake, Sector 3, Kolkata. Her mission ー to keep Flipkart’s #CustomerFirst promise no matter what. Sanitizing her electric scooter regularly and a hand sanitizer in her pocket for good measure, this woman wishmaster braves the day making the deliveries to Flipkart customers. But this day was extraordinary. Her interaction with Flipkart customer Swaralipi Ghosh in Kolkata left a lasting impression not just on Rina, but on the customer too.

“I’ve been at Flipkart for 4 months now. I like the job very much and I perform my duties with joy. I deliver products to customers on my electric scooter that Flipkart has provided for me,” says Rina, who takes pride in her work as a Flipkart Wishmaster. With her family rooting for her, Rina works enthusiastically to support her mother and father. The electric scooter is an added asset, a baby step in Flipkart’s mission to convert 100% of its fleet to electric vehicles by 2030.

On one of her delivery runs, Rina made a call to Flipkart customer Swaralipi Ghosh to inform her that she was on her way to make the delivery. At the other end of the call, Swaralipi was pleasantly surprised, having just found out that the wishmaster to deliver her product was a woman.

woman wishmaster

“She called me first and I was surprised to hear a woman’s voice identifying herself as Flipkart’s Wishmaster out to deliver my product. And when I met her, I was just completely surprised!” says Swaralipi.

Swaralipi is a frequent shopper on Flipkart. Online shopping has empowered households in India over the last decade and Swaralipi’s story is no different. Why step out, especially amid a pandemic, when you can order quality products online from the safety of your home?

“I do most of my shopping online because it would take so much longer if I had to step out and do the shopping and we won’t get things on time. And while shopping online, Flipkart is my first choice,” she says. “The best thing about Flipkart is that the customer support is amazing ー no matter if it’s a case of refund or any other issue, they will just give you an immediate response and do everything to help you.”

When Rina arrived to complete the delivery, Swaralipi couldn’t let her walk away without a conversation. She wanted to know how long Rina had been working as a Flipkart Wishmaster and how the job has helped her grow professionally.

Swaralipi noticed that Rina was riding an electric scooter, wearing a helmet and a mask, with that large bag of products every Flipkart Wishmaster has strapped on their backs. She found inspiration as she watched Rina carry out the delivery seamlessly and with an air of professionalism. Swaralipi wanted to express her appreciation for Rina’s determination to do the job as well as any man. And when Rina echoed her sentiment, she was elated.

“It was very inspiring to see a woman do a commendable job as a Flipkart wishmaster ー a job I previously assumed to be male-dominated. It’s really something which we normally don’t see. And I thought of immediately speaking to her, asking her when she started on this job.”

And after speaking to her for a while, Swaralipi wanted to click a picture with her and share this story on social media. She wanted to play her part in spreading awareness of Flipkart’s initiative to onboard women wishmasters.

Soon, one of Rina’s friends saw the post and informed her.

“A friend of mine who is a security guard told me that he saw my photo on Facebook. That’s how I found out. And I couldn’t believe it! I initially thought it could be someone who resembled me but he recognized my mask, helmet, and the scarf I wear around my neck. What happened with the customer was a one-of-a-kind experience in my life. Her appreciation means a lot to me,” says Rina excitedly.

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Inclusion and Diversity are integral to Flipkart’s people focus. Today, from engineers to sellers, wishmasters and more, Flipkart is a workplace that embraces diversity and empowers and supports its employees. For our commitment towards a diverse workplace, Flipkart was recently recognized as a Great Place to Work® Institute (India) Certified company, has bagged LinkedIn Top Companies honors across multiple years, and was among Working Mother and Avtar 100 Best Companies for Women in India for the third year in a row.

“I think that Flipkart has taken great initiative in employing women as wishmasters. I’m excited to see more such initiatives from Flipkart, and they should be continued, developed and taken forward,” observes Swaralipi.

woman wishmaster

When Rina’s colleagues and hub-in-charge came across the posts on social media, their joy knew no bounds. Rina has a message for women aspiring to earn their living and independence.

“Always ask yourself, ‘If a man can do it, why can’t I?’ Do what makes you happy, what gives you fulfillment, and a sense of accomplishment. And most importantly, do it with your heart and soul. Put everything you’ve got into it.”


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