Rajkot Calling: Flipkart Seller Rashmi Wagerah reveals her no-holds-barred approach to success

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Right before The Big Billion Days 2021, Rajkot-based Rashmi Wagerah is in all-hands-on-deck mode. Here’s a look at her recipe for success catalyzed by Flipkart’s wide array of growth tools built to empower Flipkart Sellers just like her.


There’s nothing quite like a hot and fresh plate of just-fried farsan to epitomize the spirit of festive cheer. Be it sev from Ratlam, ganthiya from Bhavnagar, murukku from Tamil Nadu or chakli from Gujarat, these spicy, salty, crunchy snacks that symbolize joy and togetherness are enjoyed by households across the nation during the festive season. This is also the time that Flipkart Sellers get into high gear, busy laying the groundwork to meet the spike in demand that The Big Billion Days are known for.

Put snacking and festive preparation together, and one Indian state that simply cannot be overlooked is Gujarat. Home to more than 35,000 Flipkart Sellers, the Jewel of Western India sees frenetic activity all through this time of celebration.

One such Flipkart Seller making the most of e-commerce to give wings to her dreams is Rashmi Manojbhai Wagerah. This Rajkot native makes her splash with the very appliance that helps Indian kitchens produce festive snacks that are enjoyed with relish. One of the most popular products that her company, Sara Business Group, is known for is the kitchen press, also known as the sev machine. Gearing up for The Big Billion Days 2021, Rashmi too is putting her best foot forward to meet the demand from prospective shoppers all over India, including her native Gujarat.



It was only in 2018 that Rashmi started her online business. In just three short years, her company has made a name for itself by manufacturing and procuring kitchenware, household appliances, décor, fittings, and more. Not one to let opportunities go to waste, Rashmi is a Flipkart Seller who operates in both B2B and B2C arenas.

“Initially we were only dealing with online wholesalers and would sell our products to them. However, we soon launched our own Flipkart Store and started reaching out to consumers directly. We have been working relentlessly via two channels and processing a huge number of orders per day,” she says.

Rashmi’s sincere efforts have yielded equally fascinating results. “Business is good with Flipkart,” she says with characteristic modesty. “Sales have increased about 1000% in the last three years.”


Incorporating the feedback she receives from customer reviews as well as guidance from Flipkart’s account managers, who offer regular operational support and business counselling, Rashmi acts swiftly. “We keep an eye on product ratings and improve our products or packaging whenever needed. When we realized that a few attachments in our bestselling sev maker were not useful to online customers, we removed them and offered others that were in demand.”

Her no-holds-barred approach has paid off. Today, Rashmi’s enterprise employs 15 people. The COVID-19 pandemic too bolstered demand in online shopping, and the renewed interest in at-home cooking placed her in the right position to tap into growth. “The number of orders we received per day has increased exponentially post COVID-19. Before the pandemic, our orders averaged 50 a day and after that 800 a day became a norm,” she says.

For the past year or so, Rashmi has focused her attention on Flipkart as a marketplace. “I get more customers here, and when I have a question, I can directly contact someone to get my problem solved,” she explains.


To support Flipkart Sellers like Rashmi, growth tools like the next-day payment program play a vital role.

As part of the Growth Capital seller financing program, Flipkart also helps sellers get customizing offerings from lenders based on business projections. It is this availability of funds that helps micro-enterprises boost their supply to meet the skyrocketing demand during events like The Big Billion Days. The expansion of Flipkart’s warehouse facility in Gujarat along with four new supply chain facilities further helps businesses.

Rashmi too is set to race ahead and break all past records. “As a run-up to The Big Billion Days, I have also started sourcing products to ensure availability of stock and aim to receive about 4,000 orders this year during the festive season.”

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