#HumansOfBBD: Student, aspiring rockstar, Flipkart Wishmaster, Joy David is making waves in Andamans

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Flipkart Wishmaster Joy David is not just an aspiring rockstar, he is also a rockstar at his job! When he isn’t pursuing his Bachelors in Sociology, or strumming away at his guitar, he zooms around Port Blair in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands making deliveries to excited Flipkart customers. Read his story and find out what inspires him.

Flipkart wishmaster

My name is Joy David. I am 20 years old and I am a Flipkart Wishmaster. I am from Port Blair in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. I grew up, studied and have lived my whole life here. Now, I am pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in sociology and also delivering products to Flipkart customers. I live with my father and younger sister. My dad works in the Indian Coast Guard and I try my best to support him with my job.

With the onset of the pandemic, my classes started to be conducted online, and I was at home for most part of the day. I hate sitting idle, which is why I decided to find a job and start becoming independent as soon as I could. My close friend and neighbor had just become a Flipkart Wishmaster, and after speaking to him about his day-to-day life, I decided that this job could prove beneficial to me. So I went to his hub, met his Team Lead, and after my interview, I was also zooming around making deliveries to customers.

Flipkart wishmaster

Being organized, I find it quite easy to manage my studies and this job. I have found a balance, where I can meet my targets as a Wishmaster and ensure that my studies are not affected. My father did have some apprehensions about me working. He is worried about my safety on the roads riding a two-wheeler, but I like to think he’d be worried about my safety no matter how old I am. I can see that he’s proud of me for wanting to use my time productively and becoming independent.

I finish about 40-50 deliveries in a day as fast and as safely as I can, before returning home and focusing on my studies. At the hub, everyone is very supportive. Our Team Leads communicate with us respectfully and help us in every way they can to achieve our targets. I enjoy working as a Flipkart Wishmaster.

Flipkart has now become a popular e-commerce business in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands
People are buying products online every single day. Flipkart has also opened up opportunities for the youth here.

The Big Billion Days are coming up and it is going to be my first time fulfilling Flipkart’s customer promise at this scale. I am quite excited. I can’t wait to test myself.

I love being a Wishmaster but my dream is to become a rockstar! I am a guitarist, and I play the lead, bass, rhythm, everything really. I am inspired by Arjit Singh and Justin Beiber and I hope to be a famous musician like them someday.

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