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League of Legends – Meet the Veterans of Flipkart

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What’s the story behind the Flipsters who stuck around to see Flipkart lead India’s e-commerce industry? What was their recipe to succeed? What made them believe that a startup that sold books online could evolve into a path-breaking industry pioneer? Meet some of the Veterans of Flipkart and relive their action-packed journey with India’s most exciting company.

50 lucky customers never guessed who their Secret Santa was this Christmas

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The good folks at Flipkart Fashion pulled a Secret Santa surprise on 50 unsuspecting customers and made their wishlists come true. Want to know how? Watch this video

Customer Care Heroes – How these Flipsters made customers smile

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Customer First is not just a Flipkart value, it's a tradition and a practice. Read about how these Customer Care Heroes put aside everything to rush to the aid of their customers.