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Flipkart launches 2GUD, a new e-commerce value platform for refurbished goods

* 2GUD is Flipkart’s first foray into the refurbished goods market, which is expected to be a $20 billion market in 5-6 years * 2GUD, an independent marketplace, will feature refurbished smartphones, laptops and accessories initially; extending to several other categories including appliances * All products featured on 2GUD will be thoroughly tested and certified with warranty, to solve for the problem of trust in the refurbished goods market
Jishnu Murali

Best budget guitars – Rock ‘n’ Roll stardom at affordable prices

Here’s a secret — you don’t have to air out your wallet to buy a guitar and play like your rock and roll idols. And here’s a fact — you can kick-start your journey to discover the musical talent within you with guitars that are well within your budget. All it takes is a little bit of surfing on the net and reading reviews to make sure that nobody oversells a budget guitar to you. Now here’s the good news — we’ve already done the groundwork for you. So read on and rock on!
Bijoy Venugopal

With AI & ML, Flipkart is addressing the uniquely Indian problem of problem addresses

Street addresses in India tell a story in themselves. Some are short, some are long, and some are detailed, and some are incomprehensible. A uniquely Indian problem, addresses pose a riddle to data scientists, and a frustrating, revenue-bleeding headache for businesses that rely on last-mile logistics. Flipkart’s data scientists have developed a machine learning model that not only makes sense of complex Indian addresses but also finds application in detecting and eliminating address fraud. Read all about another #AIForIndia solution that Flipkart pioneered