Friends to business partners: Tailoring success with menswear on Flipkart

When Rohit, Manish, and Ranjan, who have been friends since school, decided to start a business with a capital of Rs. 23,000, they had no idea that their dreams would translate into huge success in the menswear space. With unwavering support from their families and insights from Flipkart, the trio built a Rs.28-crore business on e-commerce. These sellers now have an audacious target of getting to Rs.100 crores. Read their story.


In the bustling lanes of West Delhi, the story of United Denim, a menswear brand, is woven together by the threads of friendship. Rohit Sangwan, Manish Kumar, and Ranjan Kumar met in school, and reshaped their friendship into an entrepreneurial partnership.

The result was astounding.

Building a menswear brand with e-commerce

A trio since school days, Rohit, Manish, and Ranjan yearned to do something exciting. “We were actually friends from school. After college, we decided that we wanted to work on something together,” says Rohit.


Buoyed by encouragement from their families, they created a menswear denim brand in 2019. While their investment was a humble Rs.23,000, they refused to let their limitations hold them back.

Realizing a gap in affordable denim wear, the trio took on uncharted waters fearlessly.
“We began with a mere 20-25 listings on Flipkart, but soon grew to 2,500,” says Rohit. From jeans and shorts to jackets and joggers, they also introduced womenswear while taking on manufacturing and design.

The trio plan to expand to 4,000 listings this year to make room for the latest trends and changing demands in the competitive apparel space. Do they show any signs of slowing down since their start four years ago? Quite the contrary.

Breaking new ground

Their growth has been fueled by maximizing the reach of their menswear products and knowing what works where. “Flipkart enables us with insights to understand where our audience is and what they are looking for,” explains Manish. Armed with these insights has empowered them to keep their sales engine revving.

Emphasizing the convenience of doing business using the Flipkart app, Rohit adds, “The app is incredibly user-friendly. Whether we’re in Delhi or elsewhere, it’s hassle-free to monitor our orders and payments via the Flipkart app.” Like any other business, the trio also depend on one invaluable lifeline – a healthy cash flow. “Being Flipkart sellers ensures we get our payments without delay. This helps in cash management,” says Ranjan.

As the trio’s business continues to flourish Rohit has invaluable advice for new sellers on Flipkart. “I will suggest all Flipkart sellers and those who want to grow faster to get their brand registered first.”

With each passing month, their orders have continued to multiply. As the year unfolds, Rohit is confident of achieving his most cherished goal. “Last year we reached Rs. 28 crores but this year, we are aiming to meet our next target – crossing the Rs. 100-crore mark.”

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