Access. Convenience. Safety: Leveraging technology to empower every Indian’s dreams

We live in times where instant gratification gives us utmost satisfaction - where speed is everything. Then why should shopping be any different? The Flipkart app leverages the power of technology to ensure every Indian has access to an efficient and immersive shopping experience. Quick results, instant shopping gratification! Read on to find out how technology celebrates every Indian’s individual choice, while uniting them with one app.


Today, millions of Indians walk the digital aisles to fulfill their everyday needs and desires. It is wonderful to have so many categories, brands and products to choose from. But that very same choice can sometimes be overwhelming. India’s customers consist of varied genders, age groups, geographical locations and of course, distinct tastes. So how does one app understand what each Indian wants to see?

Flipkart’s technology is built for India to address India’s unique needs. Flipkart’s technology is built to be intuitive to every Indian.

Technology for inclusion


The Flipkart app aims to offer a customized experience based on a user’s preference, yet a uniform one in terms of access and convenience. Here’s what makes the Flipkart app the ideal app for every Indian:

  • Voice Search is integrated into the shopping experience. It accounts for languages and dialects, so you can speak into your phone and let the app fetch you the best results. The Flipkart app is available in over 11 Vernacular languages apart from English, enabling every Indian to access their dreams in their language of comfort.
  • Inclusive financial options – The app provides customers with several payment methods and options, so that when you find your dream product, you don’t have to hold back. There are several options like EMIs, buy-now-pay-later, amongst others. Read more about Flipkart’s FinTech innovations that cater to every Indian’s needs here. (link to FinTech piece)
  • A light-weight app that can be downloaded onto any smartphone, irrespective of the model or software ecosystem. So if you want to order a high-end smartphone on the app, you can still do it from any basic smartphone, because it will support your Flipkart app.

Technology for the right information


Information is liberating. Information is empowering. But how much of it is too much? The Flipkart app is integrated with features to generate and filter the right details, so customers are equipped with the right knowledge before every purchase decision. Here’s how technology plays a role in showcasing the right details for products on the Flipkart app:

  • Artificial Intelligence generates rich product descriptions. These descriptions provide accurate information for the products on the app, including the specifications and features clearly, so making a choice is easier.
  • Product Comprehension: This contains a set of details that are easy-to-comprehend, to ensure that the information is not overwhelming. They explain what a particular feature or specification translates to in real life.

Technology to find what your heart wants – search made simple


How quickly can you think of something you want, and add it to your cart? The Flipkart app ensures every customer finds what they want quickly, by providing the right filters and easy search options, so the privilege of choice remains just that, and does not become overwhelming for the user. Here is how technology makes searching simple on the Flipkart app, so you find what you want quickly, easily and safely.

  • Flippi – This feature Flips the online shopping experience. Did you think you had to do all the work yourself? Flippi is a chat-based shopping assistant powered by generative AI. Flippi makes your online shopping experience intuitive and conversational, much like an offline store. You tell Flippi what you want, and it comes back with options for you to choose from, so you can interact and narrow down the products that suit your needs.
  • Immerse – Another customer-first innovation, Immerse aims to truly provide an immersive shopping experience. See something you like, but also want something exactly like that with a slight variation? The immerse feature makes it easy. Interact with the Flipkart app to find similar products to the one you are looking at, so you don’t have to start all over.

Technology that customizes for every Indian


With over 500 million customers, each with a unique and distinct taste, the Flipkart app leverages technology to curate a customized experience. For the customers who prefer familiarity, it can be a shorter journey from desiring a product to purchasing it.

  • Mall mode – When turned on, the mall mode filters products from specifically curated stores, and narrows down options from the brands you want to see. This intuitive feature showcases relevant options from stores preferred by each individual customer.

Technology for immersive shopping

As India’s shopping needs evolve, so does the Flipkart app. With technology, shopping is a more immersive experience that creates an interactive environment, so you can have a deeper understanding of a product, its benefits, and the value it will add to your life, even from the comfort of your couch, while in transit, or your workplace. Here are some innovations that make shopping on the Flipkart app a dynamic and engaging experience.

  • Flipkart Camera – Powered by Augmented Reality, Flipkart Camera is an in-built feature that enables you to try on products virtually, scan objects in your space, and truly experience your chosen products before purchasing them. Read more about it here.
  • Spoyl – The Spoyl store is Flipkart’s app-in-app feature designed for GenZ. It provides a differential experience for today’s young shoppers, by narrowing down the latest trends. It embraces both style and individuality, with a focus on value. Experience the Spoyl store within the Flipkart app.
  • Vibes – How do you feel the vibe of a product when you look at it on a screen? On the Flipkart multiverse, you can! With a quick right swipe on the Flipkart app, you can experience the vibes of a product with relevant and informative videos of the product you are considering. And if the vibes feel right, you are but a click away from owning it!

Technology for India’s sellers


It is only a simple process for customers to find what they need, if the people selling it have a simple way to showcase their products. Over 14 lakh sellers from across India leverage Flipkart’s technology to reach their products to customers across the length and breadth of the country. Along with logistics, superior supply chain and insights, Flipkart as a marketplace also enables sellers to provide customers with a seamless journey from intent to purchase. These innovations include:

  • AI for Rich Product Description: Artificial Intelligence is integrated into the app to ensure that products listed by the sellers are accurately described, so customers have all the relevant information they need.
  • 3D representation: This feature enables sellers to upload pictures from any of their devices, which can then be projected onto a 3D model. This budget-friendly alternative recreates what the product may look like and makes buying decisions more informed.
  • Generative AI: built into the app, this enables sellers to simplify tasks like summarizing a product, its features, and aspects. This makes listing of products a lot easier and quicker for sellers, while also making finding these very products simpler for customers.

Being a home-grown e-commerce marketplace, Flipkart’s innovations are built to ensure customized solutions to accommodate every Indian’s needs. Technology is the bridge that ensures Flipkart’s vision is fulfilled – to empower every Indian’s dream by delivering value through innovation in technology and commerce.

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