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Cracking The Big Billion Days code — Superstar Sellers share success stories

Flipkart Stories Editorial
Flipkart’s Big Billion Days Sale is hard to miss. Brimming with offers and unbelievable discounts, it’s every shopper’s dream sale. Behind the scenes, along with Flipkart employees, are scores of sellers working relentlessly to provide you with everything you desire. Flipkart’s top sellers share the secret recipe of success during The Big Billion Days sale

Flipkart’s top sellers are in a partnership built for success

Flipkart Stories Editorial
India’s incredible economic growth over the last two decades has encouraged budding entrepreneurs to wander off the beaten path, develop quality products and services and choose the online route to market and sell their goods. For the over one lakh sellers on Flipkart, what does success really mean and how does it come about? We spoke to Flipkart’s top sellers to discuss their outstanding performances and saw something incredible. These top sellers come from all walks of life, offer the Indian consumer a mélange of products (from toys to welding machines), and have different mantras for success. Then what are the shared qualities that have made them so triumphant? Read on to discover their secret sauce.

How Divastri, Flipkart’s first Private Label fashion brand, is weaving the future of ethnic wear

Amrutha Bushan
In 2012, Flipkart started a brand new journey on the ramp by adding fashion as a fresh category in its already expanding product portfolio. Five years after the launch, fashion on the online platform took a new turn. Flipkart launched its first-ever private label fashion range — Divastri. What makes this brand stand out in a world loaded with fashion and lifestyle products? Flipkart Stories took a peep inside the closet and here’s what we discovered.

What makes top Flipkart sellers successful? Here’s the secret recipe

Flipkart Stories Editorial
From starting out in a garage to renting a multi-storied office, from beginning with a two-person team to employing over 300 people, from first-time entrepreneurs to those who’ve expanded their family business online, Flipkart sellers have relied on their ingenuity to see their business grow leaps and bounds. With ideas that were developed among friends over a cup of coffee, or a dream that grew over the years, their stories reflect the best of India’s entrepreneurial spirit, and we are humbled to be a part of their inspiring journey. Across electronics and home appliances, fashion and furniture, Flipkart’s top sellers recount their exciting experiences. And share the secret ingredients of their recipe for online selling success.