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Bijoy Venugopal is Editor, Flipkart Stories. A former journalist, he was the Travel Editor at Yahoo India. He is a travel writer and photo-blogger. He tweets at @bijoyv

This gang of Wasseypur gets its thrills from shopping online

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In quest of big tales from small-town India, Flipkart Stories ventures nervously to Wasseypur. In this coal town made darker by Anurag Kashyap’s films, we found Digital Indians hungry for more than just Bollywood and bullets

In Asansol, Flipkart customers innovate to beat delivery woes

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The map of Digital India is ever expanding to accommodate the spread of e-commerce, but not without its share of growth pangs. In Asansol, West Bengal’s second-largest city, suburban customers find unique solutions to overcome last-mile delivery hurdles

In Makhu, Punjab, Flipkart steps into a new customer’s shoes

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During Big Billion Days 2016, a young man in Makhu, Punjab shopped online for the first time and ordered a pair of sneakers. Flipkart Chairman Sachin visited the village of Joge Wala to meet this new Flipkart customer and deliver the shoes in person. Read this extraordinary story

In Ranchi, youngsters have a love affair with online shopping

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Ranchi, one of 100 cities under the Smart Cities Mission, is not new to online shopping. Flipkart customers here seek more than just deals and discounts. What will it take to win their hearts, to turn their flirtation with online shopping into an evergreen romance?

At IIT Delhi, Flipkart founders relive a tryst with destiny

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Ten years after graduating from IIT Delhi, Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal are seen as role models for giving entrepreneurship a good name. This is the story of how they met

Ankit Nagori, startup superhero, flies on a new mission

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Entrepreneurial failure fueled Ankit Nagori's quest for glory. Six years later, the poster-boy of meritocracy at India's largest e-commerce marketplace is poised to scale new heights on his own steam

Ambur Iyyappa – the man who saw tomorrow

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Flipkart's first order management system was inspired by the ingenious methods of one man. Meet Ambur Iyyappa, Flipkart's first employee and a veritable Human ERP

Finding Digital India in Jhumri Telaiya

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Despite a history specked with music and mica, Jhumri Telaiya is best known as India's Timbuktu – a metaphor for its remoteness. Yet, e-commerce has helped this little town drop a pin on the map of Digital India

Flipping back pages with the first Flipkart customer

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On a rainy day in October 2007, a man bought a book online. We caught up with the first Flipkart customer to hear his story.