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Bijoy Venugopal is Editor, Flipkart Stories. A former journalist and widely published travel writer, he was the Travel Editor at Yahoo India. He has worked with Rediff.com and Infosys, besides moonlighting as a biographer for the rock band Thermal And A Quarter.
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2020 Unmasked — Flipkart’s storytellers tell their story

2020 has been a year of living dangerously, and miraculously. The Flipkart Stories team, which tapped into a different mojo while working remotely, gets candid about what it took to stay sane, focused, and productive in the year of the coronavirus
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#Sellfmade – Disability is no setback for this determined Flipkart seller

A road accident left 33-year-old Komal Prasad Paul without his right arm, but the feisty microbiology graduate from Kolkata embraced opportunity by becoming a Flipkart seller
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With electric vehicles, Flipkart is making last-mile delivery sustainable in India

What began as a tiny pilot project in Mumbai in 2017 has become a major sustainability program for Flipkart, as it continues to add more eBikes and eVans to its delivery fleet, a trendsetting move that makes it the first e-commerce platform in India to adopt this initiative. In June 2019, Flipkart expanded its fleet of electric vehicles from Bengaluru to Delhi and Hyderabad, with the aim to replace nearly 40% of its existing last-mile fleet of delivery vans with EVs by March 2020.
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The IRCTC story — Amitabh Pandey on the e-commerce revolution that started it all

Long before the much-talked-about Indian e-commerce wave credited to the millennial breed of Indian unicorns made its presence felt, a silent revolution that began in the 1990s had already empowered the Indian traveler with access to online railway ticket reservation. The man who helmed this project, Amitabh Pandey, is a former economics teacher and academic. Pandey, who has also authored three books of fiction, relates the story of India’s first e-commerce revolution in his new book, When It Clicks — Field Notes From India’s e-Commerce Revolution. Read excerpts from an exclusive interview and buy the book on Flipkart
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How Books and General Merchandise turned a new page for Flipkart

In 2007, India’s e-commerce startup story began with the rather dramatic sale of a book. Over the better part of a decade, Flipkart added a slew of shopping categories including mobiles and electronics, fashion, large home appliances, furniture, grocery, and more. Even as the Bengaluru-based startup captured the market in these categories, one business unit fell behind. Books, the mainstay of the online shopping platform in its early days, was elbowed aside by strategic priorities. In August 2017, the Books & General Merchandise business was reconstituted and tasked with winning back brands and customers that had drifted to the competition. In less than a year, the new unit effected a remarkable turnaround, not merely arresting losses but growing the market to claim a sizable share, while adding heft to sales figures during the Big Billion Days in October 2018. Read this awe-inspiring story of resurrection and growth, peppered with revealing insight from the team that achieved the impossible.
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Making ‘refurbished’ a good word — the 2GUD story

Four months since its launch, 2GUD.com has captured and redefined the market for refurbished mobiles and electronic appliances in India. Read the story of the Flipkart team that worked behind the scenes to conceive and execute this path-breaking business innovation that has delivered on the promise of trust and convenience
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447-C, 12th Main, Koramangala — The house where Flipkart was born

Even as One Flipkart hogs the limelight, history still pervades Flipkart’s humble origins. At 447-C, the house where Flipkart started its journey 11 years ago, Flipsters still convene to conjure up a bit of the old magic
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At One Flipkart, a tribal art mural sets the office mood, and tells a proud Indian story

Celebrated Gond and Bhil artists brought together by A Hundred Hands painted an 80-foot tribal art wall mural at Flipkart’s new corporate office, fusing tradition and modernity in a pictorial depiction of a vibrant Indian marketplace. The panoramic wall mural is a surefire conversation starter. And just as well, because marketplaces begin as conversations.
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With AI & ML, Flipkart is addressing the uniquely Indian problem of problem addresses

Street addresses in India tell a story in themselves. Some are short, some are long, and some are detailed, and some are incomprehensible. A uniquely Indian problem, addresses pose a riddle to data scientists, and a frustrating, revenue-bleeding headache for businesses that rely on last-mile logistics. Flipkart’s data scientists have developed a machine learning model that not only makes sense of complex Indian addresses but also finds application in detecting and eliminating address fraud. Read all about another #AIForIndia solution that Flipkart pioneered
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Flipkart Wants Data Scientists and Engineers to Build AI For India: Sachin Bansal

Artificial Intelligence is no longer the future. It is here. To build AI For India, to make Indians realize and reap the benefits of AI, data scientists and engineers must passionately embrace the mission of solving unique problems for India. And Flipkart, says co-founder Sachin Bansal, is the best place to make a trailblazing career doing just that