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#FightFraudWithFlipkart: Protect your Flipkart account and win EGVs worth INR 500!

May 18, 2023

Fraudsters can gain unauthorized access to your online accounts by stealing your login credentials, or tricking you into revealing them. Identify potential attempts, avoid scams, and also win! Participate in the second edition of the #FightFraudWithFlipkart contest and stand a chance to win EGVs worth INR 500!

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Fake Twitter

#FightFraudWithFlipkart: Learn how to spot fake Twitter handles impersonating Flipkart & win big!

May 4, 2023

Participate in the first edition of the #FightFraudWithFlipkart contest and learn how to identify and avoid fake Twitter handles impersonating the Flipkart Support handle. Win exciting Flipkart EGVs worth INR 500 while you play!

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Fight Fraud With Flipkart

Play, learn & win! Participate in the #FightFraudWithFlipkart contest & win EGVs

May 4, 2023

Join the #FightFraudWithFlipkart contest and enhance your online safety awareness. Test your knowledge by taking the quiz and stand a chance to win Flipkart electronic gift vouchers worth INR 500 each! Find out more below.

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