Big Billion Days

Revealed! The Flipkart Big Billion Days schedule

The wait is almost over. India’s biggest sale will begin on October 2, 2016 and run for five continuous days until October 6, 2016! Start preparing your wishlist for your biggest shopping spree this year. Bookmark and share the Flipkart Big Billion Days schedule so that you don’t miss out on even a single day’s shopping.

Big Billion Days

The Ultimate Big Billion Days Shopping Checklist

Want to enjoy a smoother shopping experience during The Big Billion Days? Follow these hacks, tips and tricks, and keep smiling while you shop. Here’s everything you need to know,

Big Billion Days

Beware of fraudulent sites and fake offers misusing Flipkart’s name

During The Big Billion Days, stay clear of unauthorized websites and messages claiming to offer you unbelievable deals and discounts. Here’s a tip sheet for safe shopping

Big Billion Days

SBI offers to bank on for Flipkart Big Billion Days

It pays to shop with bank cards during this Flipkart Big Billion Days. But which bank cards should you get? Here’s a little secret we want to share exclusively with you!

Revealed! The Flipkart Big Billion Days schedule

The Ultimate Big Billion Days Shopping Checklist

Beware of fraudulent sites and fake offers misusing Flipkart ...

SBI offers to bank on for Flipkart Big Billion Days


Knock, knock! Flipkart delivers a smart TV, and a sweet surprise!

When Flipkart came knocking, these customers found reason to smile. Because, more than merely fulfilling the order, Flipkart delivered an experience to cherish. Many of these lucky buyers of the LeEco Super 3 TV found a reason to smile when Flipkart delivered their order ahead of time. What was that sweet surprise, and how did it feel to be singled out for special treatment? Read on to find out, and prepare to be a little surprised yourself!

In non-metros, women and Flipkart are in a long-term relationship

From shopping for the trendiest makeup and bestselling books, to the latest in saris and the most sophisticated appliances, women from Indian non-metro cities wished and wished, but often found to their dismay that the products of their dreams were out of reach. Until they discovered Flipkart. Read the story of a relationship that has blossomed over the years, and one that promises to endure for many more.

Old phone, new dreams – the true story of Flipkart’s mobile exchange program

Using Flipkart’s Mobile Exchange offer, these customers exchanged their old mobile phones to get fabulous discounts on their new phone purchases. Read their story and be inspired!

With No Cost EMI, no dream is too big for these Flipkart customers

Dream big, they say. How big can you really dream? Customers who have been shopping on Flipkart understood what dreaming big really meant when they used the Flipkart-Bajaj Finserv No Cost EMI payment option to purchase products that would have otherwise cost them both time and money to afford. Read their stories

How Flipkart & Ekart worked some Harry Potter magic!

Nobody expects presents on a Sunday, a weekly holiday for most logistics services. But this was no ordinary Sunday, it was a Harry Potter Sunday. Ekart’s wishmasters delivered Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to hundreds of Flipkart customers on Day 0. Read their expressions of delight.

These Flipkart customers got lucky playing Snakes & Ladders!

In May 2016, Flipkart customers played the Snakes & Ladders game on the mobile shopping app. Most of them played just to try their luck. And many were quick to diss the game as ‘fake’ and ‘fraud’ even before they had given it a good shot. More than 200,000 of those who played claimed the prizes that they won. Some of them struck a jackpot, taking home LED TVs, smartphones, washing machines and other high-value prizes for just Rs 10! Even they didn’t believe that they had won, until the prizes came home. Read their true story!


Fake reviews on Flipkart? Read this before you believe them

Are fake reviews and false ratings being used to promote products sold on Flipkart? Who posts fake reviews? While shopping on Flipkart, how can you differentiate between reviews left by genuine customers and fake reviews planted by scamsters? Read this article to learn more about which reviews to trust

Are fake products sold on Flipkart? Here are the authentic answers

Is there any truth in the ongoing online debate over Flipkart selling fake products ? Have you taken any serious effort to understand the real facts behind these claims? Find the answers right here.

Does Flipkart sell fake perfumes? Your questions answered

Are you concerned about fake perfumes on Flipkart? This Q&A will address your worries and help you shop with confidence for the fragrance brands that you love

Flipkart product returns process – How it works

This simple guide will help you understand how the Flipkart product returns process works, making your shopping and returns experience smooth and convenient

How to track your Flipkart order

Wondering what’s happening with your Big Billion Days purchase? Here’s an easy guide to help you track your order

Follow these tips before buying big furniture online

Concerned about buying big furniture online? Follow these useful tips and suggestions for worry-free shopping


7 compelling reasons to upgrade to an Apple iPhone

Known for its distinctive design, intuitive tech and class-leading cameras, the Apple iPhone series has always been the ‘Apple’ of smartphone enthusiasts’ eyes. With the launch of the iPhone 7 just around the corner, there is no better time than now to make that much-awaited switch to an iOS device. But do these wonder phones, which run on the elite architecture deserve the adulation? We definitely think so! Here’s why.

Moto E3 Power – The affordable handheld powerhouse

Motorola’s latest addition to its fantastic lineup of smartphones, the Moto E3 Power, is a surefire front-runner. Easy on the wallet and packed with features, the new device comes with capabilities that can give other devices in the segment a run for their money. We take a closer look at the new Moto smartphone and the power packed features it has on offer for enthusiasts.

Xiaomi Redmi 3S and Redmi 3S Prime – Hefty features at an affordable price

Packed with solid build, fast processors and a battery that simply refuses to give up, the Xiaomi Redmi 3S and the Redmi 3S Prime are a sure-shot winner. Here’s what you need to know about the new Xiaomi twins before pressing the buy button — only on Flipkart

Top 4G smartphones of 2016 – Check out the most-wanted list!

Android has stormed its way through 2016, retaining its status as the preferred choice of 4G smartphones. Offering faster and more reliable Internet, 4G phones, especially in their pocket-friendly avatars, have overtaken smartphone sales and with good reason. Here are the most popular, best-reviewed and top-selling 4G smartphones of the year.

Best camera smartphones of 2016 – Leave your old camera at home

Whether you click for your travel diaries, shares on social media or to keep a record of special moments, photographs are one of the most treasured records of our life. If you love quality photography, but loathe the idea of blurry pictures and bulky cameras, you’ve come to the right place. We have narrowed down on five of the best camera smartphones (Android) that you can buy right now, right on Flipkart.

Why the Mi Max should be the next big thing on your wish list

A smartphone with a whopping 6.44-inch display, designed to satisfy your craze for the big screen experience! We tell you how the new Mi Max with its massive F-HD display, class-leading tech and sweet price tag of Rs.14,999, will make you fall in love.


What to look for when choosing an air purifier

Air pollution exists but do we ever consider the quality of air indoors? An air purifier can remove harmful allergens and pollutants from the air around.

Throw the ultimate Star Wars theme party for New Year!

Harness the power of the Force to host a Star Wars theme party that people will talk about a long time from now in a galaxy far, far away…

Set up your home gym with this guide

Make fitness a part of your life by creating a home gym with these essentials.

6 smart devices that bring the Internet of Things home

The Internet of Things isn’t just limited to smart watches and fitness bands. Explore six smart devices for everyday use

Smarten up with jackets that go beyond the ‘look good’ factor

You might have seen jackets that make you look good. Ever seen one that is smart? Here’s a sneak-peek into the savvy, smart jackets.

The most important ISL marquee players of 2015

These marquee players of the Hero ISL 2015 make the game all the more beautiful. Who’s your favorite?