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The Studio34 podcasts – Listen and be inspired

Flipkart Stories brings you the Studio34 podcasts. Each of our top stories is enhanced by these hugely listenable soundbites. Tune in and listen to them right here.


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Latest Studio34 podcasts

Reimagining the online storefront – an insight into Flipkart Camera!

Flipkart Camera frames online shopping in a new perspective for millions of Indians, bringing them closer to the products they love. Know the vision behind one of our newest innovations that aims to give customers an immersive experience like no other. Featuring Sriram V Iyer, Vice President – Product, Engineering, Flipkart Camera, and Scapic co-founders Ajay PV and Sai Krishna VK.


#PowerOfPartnership – OPPO X Flipkart bring premium smartphones to the value-conscious customer!

Flipkart and OPPO come together to make premium mobile phones accessible to the value-conscious customer! Get all the details about the incredible partnership that’s enabling the global brand to connect with a diverse Indian market. Featuring Damyant Singh Khanoria, Chief Marketing Officer, OPPO India. Listen now.


Entrepreneurship #ForIndia – Introducing Shopsy

Bhargav Errangi and Anand Lakshmanan give us a peek behind the scenes of Shopsy, the new distributed commerce app by Flipkart that’s set to transform entrepreneurship across India!


#SustainabilitySpotlight – This Jeeves Facility in Noida has a sunny disposition

At the Jeeves refurbishment and refinishing plant in Noida, sustainability is a way of life. From having its own sewage treatment plant to responsible disposal of e-waste and hazardous waste to the new solar energy installation, this building does it all. Meet the resourceful minds behind the factory and know their story. Featuring Nipun Sharma, Mahesh Pratap Singh, and Nepal Singh. Listen now.


Micro giving, macro impact – Flipkart’s new Checkout Giving feature

On this podcast, we caught up with Mahesh Pratap Singh, Head – Sustainability and CSR, and Jeyandran Venugopal, Chief Product and Technology Officer to talk about the newly-launched Checkout Giving feature that allows customers to donate to COVID relief efforts right from their shopping cart! Listen now.


Meet Flipkart’s Covid Warriors – Care over COVID-19

From an idea to a beacon of hope for over 200 Flipster families, these Flipsters took the fight to the pandemic as the Flipkart SOS Covid Warriors. Know their inspiring story of hope, compassion, and collaboration. Featuring Ishadarshi Mishra, Manjula Sridhar, Swapnagandha Rao, and Mudit Mall.


#PowerOfPartnership – Introducing Qisa by Lavie!

On this #PowerOfPartnership special, we take a peek into the Flipkart-Lavie partnership, and how Qisa by Lavie is set to bring stylish, affordable handbags for the discerning Indian woman! Featuring Ayush Tainwala and Praveen Tainwala from Lavie.


Flipkart is now available in Bengali, Odia, and Gujarati!

The Flipkart app is now available in Bengali, Gujarati, and Odia! With this launch, Indians can now shop in 8 different languages, for a truly native shopping experience. On this podcast, we catch up with the team behind this launch. Featuring Meet Jariwala and Sudeep Banerjee.


#PowerOfPartnership – Transforming how India buys insurance with e-commerce

On this #PowerOfPartnership special, we caught up with Sourabh Chatterjee, President and Head – IT, Web Sales, and Travel at Bajaj Allianz, who tells us exactly how partnering with Flipkart is changing the way people access insurance in India.


In conversation with Gulzar Saab on his new book, A Poem A Day!

On this special episode of Studio 34, we had the opportunity to catch up with the legendary Gulzar Saab, as he walks us through the inspiration behind his new book,  A Poem A Day – a collection of 365 poems by 279 contemporary Indian poets across 34 languages, translated by Gulzar Saab himself.


Meet the Women at Jeeves who love being a part of the Flipkart Group!

On this week’s podcast, hear from the women at Jeeves who tell us exactly why they love being a part of the Flipkart Group. Featuring Garima Pandey, Mony Chauhan, Supriya Koul, Neha Kumari, and Hemlata Gairola.


Know what makes Flipkart a Great Place To Work­®

Find out what makes Flipkart a Great Place To Work® through the eyes of these Flipsters on this 2-part special podcast! Featuring Krishna Raghavan, Sita Subramanian, Deepti Agrawal, Aayush Sikhwal, Nikita Prakash, Nandita Sinha, Shipra Yadav, Dinesh Keerthy, and Sapna Jain!


Our toy brand partners tell us what #LocalForVocal means to them – India Toy Fair 2021!

on this momentous occasion, we caught up with 4 brand partners from the toy category on Flipkart. Featuring Sarabjeet Singh from Centy Toys, Twinkle Krishna from Funskool, Pradeep Dhingra from Creative Edu Aids, and Shree Narayan Sabharwal from ITOYS.


Taking charge – Flipkart to deploy over 25000 EVs to go all-electric by 2030!

Flipkart to deploy over 25000 electric vehicles in its logistics fleet – on this week’s episode, find out how we’re partnering with some of the biggest names in mobility to realize our vision of going 100% electric by 2030! Featuring Mahesh Pratap Singh, Senior Director – Sustainability & CSR


Snow-Man’s Land – Meet the Wishmasters who brave Shimla’s peak winter to deliver customer delight!

Hear the stories of three Flipkart Wishmasters from Shimla who tell us what drives them to strive for customer delight even as weather conditions drop below zero degrees Celsius. Featuring Wishmasters Umesh Kumar, Ramesh Kumar, and Hitender Kumar.


A woman wishmaster, a delighted customer, and an electric bike!

Astride her electric scooter, Wishmaster Rina Bera is a shining example of Flipkart’s vision for sustainability, a customer-first ethos, and inclusivity. Listen to this Flipkart Wishmaster who earned a commendation from a delighted Swaralipi Ghosh, a Flipkart customer from Kolkata!


#WishmasterDiaries – Take a trip through India through the stories of these Wishmasters

Missing travel? Take a tour through India through the stories of our Wishmasters who share a little piece of their origin with the rest of us. Featuring stories from Varanasi, Kohima, Digboi, Port Blair, and Pathankot. Listen now!


#PowerOfPartnership – In conversation with Siddhant Narayan on the Flipkart-OnePlus partnership!

On this #PowerOfPartnership special we take you behind the scenes of Flipkart’s partnership with one of India’s most loved brands – OnePlus! Siddhant Narayan, Head – Marketing, OnePlus India, tells us why OnePlus loves partnering with Flipkart.


Meet the first cohort of finalists from the Flipkart Leap program!

On this 2-part special podcast, meet the top 8 finalists of Flipkart Leap, an accelerator program spearheaded by the best minds at Flipkart. Go behind the scenes of the program on part 1, and get to know the top young entrepreneurs eager to take their startups to the next level. Listen now!


Behind the scenes of Flipkart’s new training center for logistics professionals!

On this week’s podcast, go behind the scenes of Ekart’s newly-launched Centre of Excellence in association with the Logistics Sector Skill Council (LSC). Featuring Shalabh Shrivastava, Wahab Basarikatti, and Capt. TS Ramanujam, CEO – LSC India!


#Sellfmade Superstars – meet the FlipStars of 2020!

Meet the top sellers from 2020 who won big at the FlipStars seller awards. Hear the story of these #Sellfmade individuals to know what makes them #BestSeBhiBehtar! Featuring Flipkart sellers Mama Earth, Decorhand, Amazestore, Fit & Glow, Adi Sports, Capital Sales, TRIPR, and Asian Shoes.


Best of 2020 – Part 2 featuring Anna Warrington, Adarsh Menon, and more!

This week we bring you part 2 of the 2020 recap on Studio 34 – listen to excerpts from the best podcasts of 2020 as the year comes to a close. Featuring Anna Warrington, Adarsh Menon, Krishna Raghavan, boAt Lifestyle CMO Aman Gupta, Rural Shores CEO Colonel Ravi Gupta, Sandeep Karwa, and Nandini Stocker.


Best of 2020 – Part 1! Featuring Sudha Murty, Guneet Monga and more!

This week we bring you part 1 of the 2020 recap on Studio 34 – listen to excerpts from the best podcasts of 2020 as the year comes to a close. Featuring Sudha Murty, Shalabh Srivastava, Guneet Monga, Jeeves technicians Ayan Guhathakurta and Chikanna Swami, and Uber partner Mohammad Idris Pasha. Stay tuned for part 2 coming next week!


Highlights from #Include2020 – Flipkart’s flagship D&I event!

On this week’s episode, we bring you the highlights from the 2020 edition of #Include – our flagship I&D event! This year’s #Include event focused on boosting the role of women in “Building for the Next Decade.” Featuring Nandita Sinha, Lalitha Ramani, Priyanka Misra, and Krishna Raghavan


#WishmasterDiaries – West Zone

At the heart of every festive season are the Wishmasters who deliver joy to our customers while keeping them safe. This week we bring you the stories of high-achieving Wishmasters from TBBD’20! Featuring Wishmasters Rahul Bhagwat, Nishant Desai, and Sanjay Singh Rajput from the South zone.


#WishmasterDiaries – South Zone

At the heart of every festive season are the Wishmasters who deliver joy to our customers while keeping them safe. This week we bring you the stories of high-achieving Wishmasters from TBBD’20! Featuring Wishmasters Senthil Kumar, Keshavan, and Gangadhar from the South zone.


Hear the TBBD success stories of these Flipkart Sellers!

Every year, sellers rejoice as they participate in a retail event like no other during TBBD. This week, we give you a behind-the-scenes look at the success stories of Flipkart sellers from TBBD’20. Featuring Amit Jain, Kiran Jindal, Abhishek Katela, and Gaurav Khurana. Listen now!


Meet the women keeping Flipsters safe amid a pandemic!

On this episode, take a behind-the-scenes look at the women Flipsters in the Flipkart Security Team, as they share their experience of keeping all of us safe and secure remotely, amid a pandemic. Featuring Pamela Chakrabarty, Usharani T, and Bhuvana KE.


#PowerOfPartnership – Behind the scenes of Tahira Kashyap’s new book launch!

The Big Billion Days (TBBD) may have ended, but the #PowerOfPartnership continues! In this episode, we go behind the scenes of Tahira Kashyap’s new book, The 12 Commandments of Being a Woman with Chiki Sarkar, Co-founder – Juggernaut Books, and Tahira Kashyap Khurrana.


#PowerOfPartnership – Behind the scenes of Flipkart’s Fashion brand partnerships

The #PowerOfPartnership continues as we move closer to the end of The Big Billion Days 2020, and on this episode, we catch up with leaders from our Fashion brand partners who tell us why they love partnering with Flipkart! Featuring Neelendra Singh, General Manager – Adidas & Reebok, Abhishek Ganguly, MD – Puma India & SEA, Rajat Khurana, MD – ASICS India, Sudhir Jatia, MD – Safari Bags, Anjana Reddy, CEO – WROGN, and Rahul Vira, CEO – Skechers South Asia.


#PowerOfPartnership – Behind the scenes of Flipkart’s Mobile partnerships!

TBBD 2020 is almost here, and on this week’s episode we give you a look at some of our mobile brand partnerships! Featuring Anuj Sharma – Country Director, POCO India, Sanjeev Kumar – Online Business Head, realme, and Shivam Ranjan – Marketing Head, Motorola India


#PowerOfPartnership – behind the scenes of Flipkart’s partnership with boAt!

In the lead up to TBBD, this week we give you a sneak peek into just one of the amazing partnerships Flipkart has successfully driven with our partner brands. Featuring Aman Gupta, Co-Founder and CMO – boAt Lifestyle


Behind the scenes of Flipkart’s voice assistant for grocery

This week, we bring you a behind-the-scenes look at Flipkart’s voice assistant that’s aimed at making e-commerce more inclusive and helping our next 200 million customers shop easier! Featuring Meet Jariwala and Nandini Stocker. Listen now


Grassroot goodness – how rural India is transforming the Flipkart catalog experience!

On this week’s episode, take a behind-the-scenes look at how Flipkart is transforming the rural workforce to shape the future of AI and ML to power the catalog experience! Featuring Krishnendu Majumdar, Sumant Arya, Ankit Jain, and Colonel Ravi Gupta


Our customers tell us why they like to #StayHomeWithFlipkart!

In this episode, hear some heartwarming #StayHomeWithFlipkart stories, with love from our customers, who were super grateful to receive products they urgently needed, without compromising their own safety. Listen now.


Behind the scenes of Flipkart Wholesale

Flipkart Wholesale is now live! On this week’s podcast, take a look behind-the-scenes of this launch that’s set to help wholesale Kirana stores and SMB owners thrive with e-commerce. Featuring Adarsh Menon, Ashish Shukla, Prashant Kumar, Sandeep Karwa, and Shreejith Mannatil, this 2-part special has everything you need to know! Listen now.


Electrifying e-commerce – behind the scenes of Flipkart X EV100

As we prepare to transition our logistics fleet to 100% electric vehicles, take a look behind-the-scenes with Amitesh Jha and Mahesh Pratap Singh! Also featuring Atul Mudaliar from The Climate Group. Listen now.


Keeping Flipsters Engaged during the lockdown – Behind the Scenes

On this week’s episode, Krishna Raghavan and Dinesh Keerthy take us behind the scenes of keeping Flipsters engaged during the lockdown with people-first communication and activities for both Flipsters and their families! Also featuring Alan Joseph, Deepa Sriram, Strafford Joe Fernandes, and Swathi Jain.


Behind the scenes of Flipkart Leap – Helping startups thrive!

The Flipkart Leap accelerator program is all set to help Indian startups get ahead of the innovation curve – here’s everything you need to know about the program. Featuring Naren Ravula and Aishwarya Kalakata!


Highlights from the Flipkart Samarth anniversary celebrations!

On this week’s episode, we bring you the highlights from the first anniversary celebrations of Flipkart Samarth – featuring Rajneesh Kumar, Jagjeet Harode, and our NGO partners Indha Crafts and Stonesoup


Behind the scenes of Flipkart Quick – Turbocharged e-commerce is here!

Flipkart Quick is now live! On this week’s podcast we go behind the scenes of the launch with Sandeep Karwa, Vice President – Hyperlocal,  and Dhimant Negandhi, Senior Director – Hyperlocal.


Behind the scenes of social commerce on 2GUD!

On this week’s podcast, take a behind-the-scenes look at the launch of social commerce on 2GUD! Featuring Bhargav Errangi, Senior Director – 2GUD


Behind the scenes of Flipkart’s Gaming Platform

In this podcast, we take you behind the scenes of Flipkart’s gaming platform with Deepak Singh and Sajal Jain. Listen on as they talk about the role games can play in helping people follow social distancing amid a pandemic!


Behind the scenes of Flipkart’s new vernacular language interface!

The Flipkart app is now available in Telegu, Tamil, and Kannada! In this week’s episode, we give you a behind-the-scenes look at the launch with Jeyandran Venugopal, Chief Product and Technology Officer, along with Amit Zunjarwad, Senior Director – Product & Engineering.


#AaoPhirPakdeRaftaar – Sellers return to the Flipkart marketplace!

On this episode, we caught up with Jagjeet Harode, Senior Director and Head – Marketplace to talk about the #AaoPhirPakdeRaftaar campaign to bring back sellers old and new, to the marketplace so India can shop again!


Meet the Jeeves technician who cycled 50 Km for a customer in need!

On this week’s podcast, we catch up with Ayan Guhathakurta, the amazing Jeeves technician from Kolkata who cycled 25 kilometers (one way) just to help a customer in need during the lockdown. Also featuring Nipun Sharma, Vice President and Head, Jeeves F1


Everything you need to know about insurance on Flipkart!

This week, Smrithi Ravichandran, Vice President & Business Head – Finance & Payments Group, takes us behind the scenes of Flipkart’s foray into insurance and the many offerings we’ve lined up for our customers over the last few months!


Flipkart Sustainability Action Summit 2020 – meet our guest speakers!

This week, we give you a sneak preview of the amazing guest speakers at the Flipkart Sustainability Action Summit – hear what these eminent, passionate individuals have to say about the future of sustainable businesses, how we as individuals can make a difference, and more! Featuring Anna Warrington, Jarnail Singh, Joe Phelan, Nirat Bhatnagar, Pramit Chanda, Abhishek Jani, and Atul Mudaliar.


Meet these Flipkart sellers keeping India safe amid the pandemic!

Meet the Flipkart sellers who’ve risen to the occasion and left no stone unturned to keep customers, their employees, and themselves safe amid the Coronavirus pandemic! Featuring sellers Sanjib Prasad, Mohit Arora, and Ankit Pahuja


Pack to the Future – behind the scenes of Flipkart’s green packaging launch!

On this week’s episode, we take you behind the scenes of Flipkart’s green packaging launch that’s doing away with single-use plastic for good!


Delivering essentials amid the lockdown – behind the scenes of Flipkart X Uber!

On this week’s episode we take you behind the scenes of Flipkart’s partnership with Uber India to deliver essentials during the lockdown – hear from the driver partners who made it happen! Featuring Mohammad Idris Pasha, Akshay Kumar, and Deen Dayal from Uber India!


Mother’s Day Special – How these Flipster Mums stay positive during a pandemic!

On this week’s episode, we give you a sneak peek into the lives of these Flipster Moms and what they’ve been doing to keep their kids and themselves positive amid the ongoing pandemic!


Lockdown Diaries – Hear the “Quarantales” of these Flipsters!

On this week’s episode, we bring you some Quarantales – a look into the work-at-home lives of Flipsters. Tune in as they answer fun questions about what they’ve been up to amid this lockdown!


Calls of Duty: Behind the scenes of Flipkart’s Work At Home Agent (WAHA) program!

On this week’s episode, we take you behind the scenes of the Work At Home Agent (WAHA) program for Customer Experience. Featuring Samdani Basha, Pradeep KV, Kinshuk Bairagi, and Kaushik Mishra!


Adarsh Menon on Flipkart Smartbuy’s foray into sanitizers and masks

Adarsh Menon, SVP – New Business Initiatives, joins us on Studio 34 to give us a behind-the-scenes look at Flipkart Smartbuy’s foray into masks and hand sanitizers in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. Listen now!


Care over Covid-19: Q&A with Mahesh Natarajan, certified counsellor and psychotherapist

On this week’s episode, we bring you a Q&A with Mahesh Natarajan, certified counsellor and psychotherapist at InnerSight Counselling and Training Centre, Bangalore, as he answers questions on mental well-being amid the coronavirus crisis. Listen now!


Customers say #ThankYouEcommerce – hear their stories!

On this week’s episode, we bring you some heartwarming stories of gratitude from customers across India, as they thank Ecommerce for making their everyday lives a tiny bit easier in these trying times. Listen now!


Everything you need to know about COVID-19

This week we bring you a compact, informative bulletin that tells you everything you need to know about the Coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19 preparedness at the Flipkart Group, as well as busting a few myths about the virus, courtesy of the WHO. Available in English and Hindi – listen now!


International Women’s Day special – meet Flipkart’s women in tech!

On this special episode of Studio 34, we catch up with some of Flipkart’s brightest women in tech to get their thoughts on International Women’s Day, women in STEM fields, and more! Listen now


Behind the scenes of the Flipkart Annual Awards 2019!

On this week’s podcast, we take you behind the scenes of Flipkart’s Annual Awards – a celebration of all the hard work Flipsters put in throughout the year! Hear from winners, leaders, and members of the jury. Listen now!


Behind the scenes of Zindagi inShort – Featuring Guneet Monga!

On this week’s podcast, we take you behind the scenes of Zindagi inShort – an anthology of 7 short films that tell the extraordinary stories of ordinary people. Oscar-winning producer Guneet Monga and 7 talented directors join us on Studio 34 to talk about the journey behind each film! Listen now!


How this Jeeves technician built himself an e-bike and beat fuel costs for good!

Hear the story of Chikkanna Swamy, a Jeeves technician who engineered his way out of the traffic problem by building an e-bike from scratch, in conversation with Krishna Prabhu, Senior Director – Jeeves F1


Wishmasters find a friend in Flipkart – behind the scenes of “Mitr”

Senior Director – City Logistics, Shalabh Srivastava gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the newly-launched “Mitr” benefits program for Wishmasters.



Sudha Murty on Giving, women in mythology, and making a difference!

In conversation with Sudha Murty, Chairperson – The Infosys Foundation, on philanthropy, women in mythology, and how each one of us can be philanthropic in our everyday lives.


Behind the scenes of the Falkon Aerbook launched@CES 2020

Adarsh Menon, Ishita Bhatia, and Ashwin Balasubramaniam take us behind the scenes of the MarQ Falkon Aerbook that was unveiled at CES this year! Listen now:



Behind the scenes of the Farrukhnagar Fulfillment Centre launch!

Our Farrukhnagar Fulfillment Centers are up and running, spread out over 9 Lakh Square feet of space. Prabhakar Kolla gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the launch! Listen now:


India’s top sellers at the Walmart Vriddhi SDP launch – hear their stories!

Hear the stories of India’s top sellers – who gathered at the launch of Walmart’s Vriddhi Supplier Development program in New Delhi!


Meet the stellar sellers who bring The Big Billion Days to life!

Meet the stellar sellers who were felicitated at the 2019 FlipStars – annual post-BBD rewards and recognition event for the sellers who bring the Big Billion Days to life!


Behind the scenes of Backbenchers – a Flipkart original

Madhuvanthi Ananth and Neha Toteja give us a behind-the-scenes look at Flipkart Video’s newest offering – Backbenchers, featuring Farah Khan!


Behind the scenes of the MarQ Turbo Stream with Adarsh Menon

On this episode, Adarsh Menon gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the newly-launched MarQ Turbo Stream device, and also gives us a sneak peek at upcoming launches to look forward to!


Find out what Flipkart’s got in store for kids this Children’s Day!

On this Children’s Day special, Rohini Bahuguna, Anisha Tandon, Aakriti Bhatia, and Krishna Tiwari give us a sneak peek at what Flipkart has in store for kids!


Flipkart wins big at the MMA Smarties 2019!

Sankalp Mehrotra gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the award-winning Mastercard ad campaign that won gold at the MMA Smarties India 2019!


Behind the scenes of the Munnabhai Ad campaign

Flipkart’s adorable Munnabhai ad campaign has been watched and loved by people across the country – we caught up with Madhuvanthi Ananth, Associate Director – Brand Marketing and Shailesh Misra, Senior Manager – Brand Marketing, who told us what the experience of shooting the campaign was like! Listen now:


How Flipkart is solving for its next 100 million customers!

Neeraj Jain and Riken Patel from Flipkart’s User Research team join us on Studio 34 to talk about the various insights they gleaned over the course of several months – insights that will help us better serve the next 100 million Flipkart customers! Listen now:


The Flipkart app is now available in Hindi!

The Flipkart app is now available in Hindi, and Arindam Mukherjee, Senior Director – User Acquisition & Growth, joins us to give us a behind-the-scenes look at the launch! Listen now:


Behind the scenes of Flipkart’s marketplace this TBBD!

On this BBD special podcast, Nishant Gupta, Senior Director and Head – Marketplace gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what sellers can look forward to this Big Billion Days sale! Listen now:


#MyFirstBBD – Women Wishmasters

Our women Wishmasters tell us why they love working at Flipkart, and how excited they are for their first ever TBBD sale, on this Big Billion Days special podcast! Listen now:


#MyFirstBBD – Flipkart Sellers

Our Sellers join us on this very special episode of Studio 34 to tell us why they love doing business on Flipkart, and how they’re preparing for their first ever Big Billion Days sale, on this BBD special podcast! Listen now:


#MyFirstBBD – Customer Service Executives

Our Customer Support executives from the social media team share their excitement as they get set to assist customers non-stop over the next few days as TBBD 2019 unfolds, on this BBD special podcast! Listen now:


Behind the scenes of Flipkart’s eco-friendly packaging initiative!

Flipkart’s supply chain is going green! Ekart logistics aims to completely eliminate single use plastic from our warehouses and hubs to lower our carbon footprint as an organization. On this podcast, Satyam Choudhary and Alok Srivastava give us a behind-the-scenes look at this initiative. Listen now:


Take to the skies with the newly-launched Flipkart Travel!

Love traveling? Book your flight tickets on Flipkart Travel, available on the Flipkart app, and enjoy attractive offers along with the ability to buy tickets with SuperCoins. Anmol Sikka gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the launch of this new feature. Also featuring Dinesh Keerthy and Poojitha Jawahar as they talk about the Fliptomania store completing a year at the ETV campus!


Behind the scenes of Flipkart Samarth #AasanHaiBadhna

On the 31st of July, 2019, Flipkart brought India’s artisans, craftsmen, and under-served communities into the e-commerce fold, connecting them with 150 million customers in a historic initiative. A few months down the line, we catch up with the visionaries behind the vision, and its beneficiaries. Featuring Nishant Gupta and Mahesh Pratap Singh, along with Craftizen and Ecostripes, our NGO partners on the Samarth platform.


Everything you need to know about Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card and Flipkart SuperCoins

Love shopping? Now shopping loves you back with the new Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card and Flipkart SuperCoins, as Saurabh Nerurkar and Abhimanyu Shekhawat breakdown why it pays to shop on Flipkart! Listen now


Behind the scenes of Wild Karnataka – In conversation with Amoghavarsha JS

We explore the wild side of Karnataka, as Amoghavarsha JS, renowned wildlife photographer and filmmaker gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Wild Karnataka – India’s first blue-chip wildlife documentary. Listen now!


Meet Flipkart’s women wishmasters who are delivering joy to Gurugram, one package at a time!

wishmasters bring joy to millions across the country on a daily basis. Meet the women wishmasters who have been delighting Gurgaon, one package at a time! Also featuring the winners of the Flipkart Plus Ticket2Cricket contest who got to watch India play live at the ICC World Cup 2019! Listen now!


Bringing opportunity to the Northeast – Flipkart’s very own hiring program, Flipcamp

Sameer Hassan, Director – Learning & Development at Flipkart, takes us behind the scenes of our very own hiring program, Flipcamp! Also featuring Harini Karthik, Senior Manager – UX Research, who made it to the Women Crush Wednesday blog, an Initiative by Team Organic UK that recognizes women in STEM! Listen now!


Empathy, compassion, and a Customer First approach – meet Jagruthi Shetty!

A star performer in Flipkart’s Service Recovery team, Jagruthi Shetty receives high praise from the customers she interacts with on a daily basis. A particularly thankful customer wrote to Kalyan to appreciate just how much Jagruthi was invested in making sure he had a wonderful experience on Flipkart. Listen now to hear the full story!

Flipsters donate blood in the fight against Thalassaemia!

In association with Sankalp India Foundation, Flipsters donated over 500 units of blood to give children suffering from #Thalassaemia a fighting chance! Listen on as Arpit Vaish from Sankalp India Foundation talks about the key problems we face as a country when it comes to blood donations.

Lights, Camera, Shop! – Behind the scenes of the newly-launched Flipkart Photo Studio

Great products deserve a great catalog, and great catalogs have great images! We’re enriching the shopping experience on Flipkart with the newly launched Flipkart Photo Studio — Sumant Arya tells us more! Also featuring celebrity stylist Harmann Kaur, who tells you how to up your style on a budget, in 60 seconds!

Flipkart Supermart Live in Mumbai – take a look behind the scenes

Grocery Ala Re! Mumbaikars now have access to #grocery on Supermart, Flipkart’s very own Grocery Private Label. Manish Kumar, Vice President – Home, BGM, Grocery, tells us all about the work that went into making it happen. Listen on as we celebrate yet another milestone for India.

Of Myths and Men – In conversation with Devdutt Pattanaik

What is myth? What is religion? Is the samosa Vedic? India’s favorite mythologist answers these questions among several others in our special podcast interview and also gives us an inside look at his newly launched book, Faith: 40 Insights into Hinduism.

Flipkart’s Private Labels – The story so far!

It all began in 2016, to give India quality products at affordable prices. Three years later, Flipkart’s private labels have spread out across 150 verticals ranging from home & furniture to grocery and fitness. Take a peek into their incredible journey.

Sunil Chhetri on being ‘Captain Fantastic,’ Integrity, and Football!

Sunil Chhetri may be India’s most recognizable footballer on the global stage now, but he didn’t always have it easy. In this interview, he talks about his childhood, the journey he’s made so far, Indian football, and what integrity means to him.

The Women’s Week special – Hear from the remarkable women@Flipkart!

While organizations around the world celebrate International Women’s Day, women Flipsters were treated to a week-long extravaganza of contests, merchandise, and events, culminating in a grand celebration. Listen on for a peek into the Women’s Week at Flipkart.

A serving of gratitude for the heroes behind-the-scenes at Flipkart

Flipkart’s support staff make sure Flipsters have a neat, tidy, and well-equipped office where they can do their best work. Every year, Flipsters come together to feed them a scrumptious meal as a token of their gratitude. Listen on as we bring you a glimpse of the occasion.

Kalki Koechlin on motorcycles, gender equality, and more!

An actor, a thespian, a poet, a master of spoken word, and above all, a modern, forward-thinking Indian woman. Listen on as she shares with us her answers to some thought-provoking questions.

The Jeeves-F1 story – transforming after-sales support, one installation at a time

To love is to serve, and as far as service is concerned, Jeeves has no plans of slowing down. Bolstered by its acquisition of F1 Info Solutions in 2017, Jeeves has grown by leaps and bounds. Listen for a peek into their remarkable journey.

Celebrating groundbreaking achievements – The Flipkart Annual Awards 2018

Whether it’s business excellence, innovation, or community service, Flipsters are achievers of the highest level. Listen on as we connect with the winners

Prestige, recognition and WOW

The prestigious WOW Awards inspire Flipsters to do groundbreaking work and change the landscape of e-commerce in India. Listen in for more.

A year of resurgence – celebrating the 2018 Big Billion Days sale with the BGM team

Books are where it all began for Flipkart, and after strategic priorities pushed books to the sidelines for a while, the Books and General Merchandise (BGM) team orchestrated a strong comeback during 2018’s Big Billion Days sale. Listen now to find out more!

United we stand – learn how PhonePe is transforming the checkout experience on Flipkart!

Get an insight into the amazing synergy between Flipkart and PhonePe, two organizations with a single purpose: enabling you to shop to your heart’s content, and with zero hassles. Listen on to know more!

Let’s talk digital – what does Simon Say?

Simon Kemp, founder and CEO at Kepios and one of Asia’s Most Influential Digital Marketers, talks about the value of data in today’s fast-paced, data-driven world, and the importance of digital marketing. Tune in.

Meet the women who keep Flipkart safe!

Rigorous drills, multiple shifts, and challenges aplenty – Flipkart’s women security guards are always calm under pressure. Listen on as they share their experience working at Flipkart, and their firm resolve to excel in a traditionally male-dominated profession.

Siddhartha Basu on quizzing in the post-Google era, his new book, and more!

Quizmaster extraordinaire Siddhartha Basu  shares his thoughts on the Indian quizzing scene, along with a sneak peek at his new book – Indian Century.

Milind Soman reveals he hates working out – listen now to know more!

Milind Soman is impressed with Flipkart’s brand campaign, #ChooseYourAge. At 52, the model-turned-entrepreneur and the fleet-footed driving force behind Pinkathon shares his experiences as a champion for defying age-related stereotypes.

Suraj Mani on MotherJane, getting into music at the age of 40, and more!

Veteran rock star Suraj Mani cut his musical teeth as a vocalist for Motherjane. Now, as he kicks off Flipkart’s music club, he shares his thoughts on the Indian music scene, picking up the guitar at 40, and more.

Meet the women@flipkart – also featuring Nisha Millet and Anu Menon!

Hear from all the super-talented women at Flipkart, along with Olympian Nisha Millet and stand-up comedienne Anu Menon at Flipkart’s Diversity & Inclusion event – WERock!

Madan Padaki on CSR, what it means to be socially responsible, and more!

An advocate for CSR done right, Madan Padaki talks about what a single individual can accomplish for society with the right level of commitment, and what large corporations can do beyond the textbook definitions of CSR.

The Month of Giving Oota at Flipkart – listen now to know more!

Flipkart’s leadership came together to serve the company’s support staff a traditional South-Indian meal (Oota) – hear them talk about their experience, along with members of the service staff, who share the joy and the pride of working at Flipkart.

Meet Flipkart’s Customer Support Heroes

Flipkart’s Customer Support stars weigh in on the challenge and pleasure of addressing customer concerns that begin in despair but end in delight. What makes their jobs challenging and pleasurable? Hear it straight from these CX Heroes!

The Power of Partnerships

The Power of Partnership #FlipkartPartners meet in Bengaluru on August 30, 2017 was the glittering finale to the Month of Partners. Among the attendees were partners whose success has been interwoven with Flipkart’s decade-long journey of disruption. Listen in to this #Studio34 podcast!

Flipkart Chai! Meet Mohammed Imran, Flipkart’s vital refuel agent!

Supplying 12,000 cups of tea every day to Flipkart offices, Mohammed Imran is the vital refuel agent for Flipsters. His association with Flipkart is almost as old as the company itself, and to say that he is the cup of joy in the lives of thousands of Flipsters is an understatement. Imran has spent the better part of a decade crafting his extraordinary success story. Listen to Imran tell the story of Flipkart Chai!

Kartik Iyer of Happy mcgarrybowen reflects on the Flipkart partnership

In 2010, Flipkart brought on board Happy Creative Services to make its first television commercials. By 2011, the series of ad films dubbed No Kidding No Worries was a national sensation, projecting Brand Flipkart into the limelight. The Flipkart Kids earned a place in Indian advertising’s hall of fame. Kartik Iyer, Co-founder and CEO of Happy mcgarrybowen, recounts the agency’s partnership with Flipkart.

How S M Fathaulla gave Flipkart a business address

In 2007, the year that Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal started up Flipkart, a genial gentleman named S M Fathaulla gave the Bengaluru-based startup the proverbial roof over its head. In the quiet residential neighborhood of Koramangala 4th Block, the Flipkart founders moved into the first floor of a modest two-storied building. Listen to his story in this exclusive Studio34 podcast for Flipkart Stories.

Xiaomi MD Manu Kumar Jain chats with Flipkart CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy

In this Studio 34 podcast for Flipkart Stories: Flipkart CEO Kalyan Krishhnamurthy and Xiaomi MD and Global VP Manu Kumar Jain have a hearty chat about the strong partnership between the two companies. Listen and share.

#FlipkartCustomerDay – Flipkart customers speak up

On #FlipkartCustomerDay, we invited Flipkart customers to experience how India’s most exciting e-commerce company works. On July 26, 2017, a group of customers visited us. Among them was 81-year-old Meenakshi Padmanabhan, an app-savvy grandmother who strode in elegantly attired in a Kanjeevaram silk sari. She listened attentively to all our sessions and wowed us with her wisdom on online shopping. “I can’t go to the shop to buy anything,” she laughs, one hand on her walking stick. “So shopping on my mobile phone helps me.” Her voice, in Tamil, is the first clip you will hear on this Studio34 podcast. Also listen to our Shashi Diwan, Ramakrishnan V and other eloquent customers, speaking in English, as they explain why they prefer shopping on Flipkart. Listen up and share!

Flipkart’s transgender customers have left a message on the wall

A wall is a blank space. Until the proverbial writing goes up on it. Flipkart’s customers from the transgender community, together with Aravani Art Project, painted a wall at a Flipkart hub in Bengaluru to send across a strong message of inclusiveness that enshrines the core Flipkart value of Customer First. Studio34 went behind the scenes with Priyanka, Shanthi, Sowndharya and Kanchana to listen to their views about how online shopping has shown them an avenue towards social equality.
(Track contains English, Kannada and Tamil)

Gridlock Hackathon – Sridhar Pabbisetty on solving Bengaluru’s traffic woes

Sridhar Pabbisetty, CEO of Namma Bengaluru Foundation, speaks to Flipkart’s Studio34 about solving Bengaluru’s infamous traffic woes. Flipkart’s unique outreach to citizens, Gridlock Hackathon, calls techies, smart innovators and concerned citizens to put their energy and minds to work recommend practical solutions to Bengaluru’s traffic problems.

CEO For A Day – Padmini Pagadala on being a dinosaur Flipster

Four years can seem like an eternity at Flipkart, which at age ten is already an elder sibling to a generation of Indian startups. Padmini Pagadala, who designs Fulfillment Centers, reflects on being a ‘dinosaur’ in a company that she says has changed the way India buys. Padmini Pagadala, Associate Director – Design, reflects on being a dinosaur at Flipkart four years since she designed her first Fulfillment Center. Padmini, the finalist of the CEO For A Day contest conducted among Flipsters, was selected by CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy to take over the reins of Flipkart for a day.

Studio34 Podcast – Leena Kejriwal on being human

In this Studio34 podcast, photographer and installation artist Leena Kejriwal speaks about her art and awareness campaign, M.I.S.S.I.N.G., which addresses the issue of millions of girls who are lost to sex trafficking. Listen to her narrate her story.

Happy Holi from students of Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled

Students of Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled, who painted the colorful Holi cards for Ekart, share their life ambitions and wish you a Happy Holi! Listen to this heart-stirring Studio34 podcast.

Be inspired: Mahantesh G Kivadasannavar – Founder, Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled

In this Studio34 podcast for Flipkart Stories, Mahantesh G Kivadasannavar, the eloquent Founder Managing Trustee of Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled, speaks about the work done by the trust and its impact on the lives of people with disabilities. Listen to this Studio34 podcast.

Studio34 Podcast – What inspires triathlete Nagaraj Harsha?

At 27, Nagaraj Harsha is an inspiration. This 3-time Ironman & Triathlete has completed 4 International Triathlons, 1 National triathlon and numerous endurance events, while also juggling his full-time job as a Business Development Manager. Studio 34 interviews Nagaraj Harsha for Flipkart Stories in the first of the Blue Sky Studio34 podcasts.