With Open Box Delivery, Flipkart safeguards customer interests and fosters trust

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Open Box Delivery from Flipkart ensures that customers are in control. By enabling customers like you to verify and inspect products before accepting delivery, Flipkart safeguards your interests at every stage of the purchase process and ensures that you do not fall victim to fraud

Open Box Delivery

In this article: Learn all about Open Box Delivery from Flipkart

E-commerce has become an inseparable part of our daily lives. With the widest selection of products and convenient digital payment options on Flipkart, more and more Indians are turning to online shopping to satisfy not just their daily needs but their dreams and aspirations as well. From mobile phones and electronics, to lifestyle products and large appliances like refrigerators and air-conditioners, everything is delivered to your doorstep. All you need to do is open the box!

For those new to online shopping, it’s natural to feel a little anxious about shopping for high-value products online. What if my order is undelivered, or damaged, or lost in transit? What if I receive the wrong item instead of the one I ordered? Flipkart’s user research shows that these are some of the common questions that cross the minds of first-time online shoppers. However, with account protection, affordable and secure payment options, safe packaging, on-time delivery, and easy returns built into the Flipkart customer experience, first-time shoppers quickly grow in confidence and become seasoned veterans.

To ensure that you have a trustworthy and delightful experience, especially while shopping for high-value items like smartphones and large electronics such as televisions and washing machines, Flipkart has introduced Open Box Delivery.

What is Flipkart’s Open Box Delivery?

Flipkart, as a customer-first organization, has introduced Open Box Delivery to enable our customers to verify and inspect their shipments before accepting delivery. Flipkart continues to expand this facility across our delivery network to improve the customer experience and to strengthen our Safe Commerce supply chain.

Open Box Delivery is currently applicable on high-value items like mobiles and laptops of select brands, as well as most large appliances, to select PIN codes in India on deliveries made by eKart. The Flipkart wishmaster (delivery partner) will open the product in its box at the time of delivery, in the presence of the customer. Customers can accept the shipment if convinced that the product is genuine and delivered in an intact state.

Flipkart Open Box Delivery - Prevent Fraud

How does Open Box Delivery work?

  • If Open Box Delivery is applicable to your item and available at your PIN code, you will be shown a notification on your checkout screen as you place your order on the Flipkart app or website. You can locate and track this order in the Orders section.
  • When it is time for your order to be delivered, you will receive a text message (SMS) to your registered mobile number from the authorized Flipkart sender ID. This message will contain the details of your order along with the delivery status and instructions.
  • Before making the delivery of your order at your doorstep, the Flipkart wishmaster will call your registered mobile number. The wishmaster, upon reaching your doorstep, will request your consent to make an Open Box Delivery.
  • Seeking your permission to open the box, the Flipkart Wishmaster will open the primary as well as secondary packaging of the product. This shall be done in your presence. In addition, the Wishmaster will explain to you the benefits of Open Box Delivery.
  • The Wishmaster will then check your delivered order for any physical damage on the shipment.
  • Customers are required to accept delivery only after they have verified the contents of the box, and confirm that they have received the right products that they ordered in an intact condition.
  • Once you are satisfied that your order has been delivered as expected, you are required to confirm successful delivery by sharing with the Wishmaster a One Time Password (OTP), received via SMS from the authorized Flipkart sender ID.
  • If your order was not prepaid, you are required to complete payment for your order by Cash On Delivery (COD) or QR Code payment on delivery.
  • The Wishmaster will pack the product back in the box after confirmation of delivery and hand it over to you.
  • The Wishmaster will also request you to retain the shipment and shipment box in proper condition for a period of 10 days, should you decide to return the shipment under Flipkart’s Easy Returns Policy.
  • If your purchased product requires installation, the Wishmaster will inform you that a technician will visit your premises to complete the product installation. Until the technician visits, you are requested to keep the product in its box in the condition in which it was delivered.
  • In case of any issues (damage, missing accessory, or mis-shipment) at the time of Open Box Delivery, the Wishmaster will raise a return request immediately in your presence. Your order will be cancelled and a refund will be initiated. If you wish to purchase the item again, you will be required to place a new order.

Open Box Delivery is free of charge

Customers have to bear no additional cost for Open Box Delivery. Flipkart offers this facility free of charge at the time of delivery for applicable orders. If customers are dissatisfied with the order after the box is opened, they have the option to return the same.

In cases such as product missing, wrong product received, damage, or missing accessories, customers can reject the product at their doorsteps, and a refund will be initiated.

This initiative, along with multiple checks done at Flipkart warehouses and other supply chain touchpoints, is aimed at ensuring that Flipkart’s customers are shielded from fraudulent practices, and to ensure a safe and delightful experience for them. Keeping our customers protected and safeguarding their interests at every step of the purchase process is a high priority for us at Flipkart. With Open Box Delivery, Flipkart ensures that you and your money are safe as you shop for your favorite brands and enjoy a satisfactory delivery experience.

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