COVID -ve, Commerce +ve: Experience Safe Commerce with Flipkart

As we look with hope towards a COVID-negative future, we remain Commerce-positive. Experience Safe Commerce​ with Flipkart.

From Day 1 of the COVID-19 pandemic, Flipkart’s commitment has been, above all else, the safety and well-being of our customers, employees, sellers, vendor partners, and our entire Flipkart ecosystem through safe commerce.

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We believe that it takes an ecosystem to combat the COVID-19 crisis. Our stringent safe commerce protocols at every process and level of engagement have become a non-negotiable habit that will continue long after we’ve beaten back the pandemic.

As more Indians turn to e-commerce to maintain safety, our supply chain employees continue at the forefront of our safe commerce operations and make sure that people across the country have access to all their needs from the safety and comfort of their homes. Our supply chain facilities are equipped to ensure their well-being with multiple initiatives — including doctors onsite, regular sanitization, awareness campaigns, and more. We understand that, more than anyone else, it is their families who enable our employees to do what they do every day. Access to insurance, wellness seminars, fitness initiatives, among others, help extend support across our big Flipkart family.

From financial support to market insights and wellness initiatives, multiple measures and benefits ensure that the business and ambitious dreams of our marketplace sellers as well as MSMEs remain uninterrupted.

In these complex times, our customers’ safety continues to be a top priority. Our safe delivery protocols leave no room for fear. Customers across India — from those at high risk to the elderly, have written in to appreciate Flipkart’s role in helping them stay home and stay safe.

As we look with hope towards a COVID-negative future, we remain Commerce-positive. We continue to serve and support our ecosystem through a time like no other through Safe Commerce.

Enjoy shopping on Flipkart