Flipkart introduces ‘Flipkart Ideas’

* A curated selection of content to educate and inspire consumers in their purchase journey * Content from a wide range of brands and influencers to be available to help drive engagement for users

Flipkart introduces Flipkart Ideas

Bengaluru, 16 August, 2019: Flipkart, India’s leading e-commerce marketplace, has introduced ‘Flipkart Ideas’, a curated selection of content on its platform, to make consumers’ shopping experience more meaningful by guiding them through their e-commerce purchase journey. Integrated on the Flipkart platform, ‘Flipkart Ideas’ aims to inspire users by helping them discover new products and brands through credible information and bring forth ideas that help consumers add new purchases seamlessly into their lives. This launch plays a crucial role in bringing the next 200 million consumers online who are primarily from tier-II and tier-III cities, enabling them to narrow down specific products suitable for their needs.

  • Flipkart Ideas will help bring the next 200 million consumers online, who will need easy discovery, inspiration and post purchase hand holding, as they navigate the benefits of e-commerce
  • The content from hundreds of brands and influencers will be available under 14 key interest areas including Fashion, health and fitness, gadgets, food and nutrition, home and living, etc. for consumers to choose from and customise their preferences
  • Flipkart Ideas will engage consumers through videos, images, GIFs, stories, polls and quizzes

With the current purchase journey being fragmented across platforms with no single platform being able to serve the combined purpose, ‘Flipkart Ideas’ will play a significant role in delivering inspiration and ideas with a seamless commerce experience. On Flipkart Ideas, content from brands and influencers will be showcased with associated products from Flipkart, in all multimedia formats such as videos, GIFs, images, stories, quizzes and polls. The user-savvy content will enable consumers to know more about products and brands, while aiding them in understanding ongoing trends across categories, thus, ensuring better brand recall.

Consumers continue to be at the centre of the Flipkart Ideas ecosystem with credible content being provided by subject-matter experts, brands and trusted publishers. This will help improve consumers’ shopping experiences with credible, inspiring and useful content, which will not only educate but also inspire them in their purchase journey.

Speaking about the launch of Flipkart Ideas, Anil Goteti, Senior Vice-President, Marketplace at Flipkart, says, “At Flipkart, the driving factor is to constantly improve our consumers’ shopping experience. Flipkart Ideas improves users’ lifestyle with credible, inspiring and useful content, which will educate and inspire them in the purchase journey. There are new sets of consumers — the next 200 million shoppers — who have a variety of questions and seek to mimic their offline shopping experience, online. Flipkart Ideas is our effort to aid these consumers’ shopping journey; and we want to play our part in creating meaningful engagement while helping build familiarity with various brands and products.”

Flipkart has always been at the forefront of redefining e-commerce with breakthrough ideas to empower its consumers and Flipkart Ideas will play a key role in driving the innovation index even further. This launch is going to revolutionize consumers’ shopping experience given that they are constantly looking out for new and better avenues.

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