#AFriendInFlipkart is a friend indeed – Read these heartwarming stories penned by customers and feel the love!

What are the key ingredients for an unsinkable friendship? Trust, commitment and loyalty. That's exactly what these Flipkart customers found when they needed #AFriendInFlipkart. Read their heartwarming stories and tell us about your Flipkart friend too!


These online shoppers found friendships worth cherishing for a lifetime, on India’s favorite online shopping destination – Flipkart. Whether it’s an emergency, a concern to address, or even going out of their way to help customers, the friends at Flipkart have done it all. Read their #AFriendInFlipkart stories, penned by our customers, below:


A friend for emergencies


When I last placed an order on Flipkart, it was scheduled to be delivered on a Monday. But due to a family emergency, I had to go to the hospital and wasn’t available to collect my order. I was worried about what would happen to my order so I called Flipkart Customer Support and explained my problem. The executive on call made me relax and convinced me that everything will be alright. She then rescheduled the delivery of my package. Not only did she call me the next day to inquire about the delivery but she also asked about my family emergency and my family member. Thanks Flipkart, for helping and making our lives simpler!

@meenakshi.kapur, Flipkart customer

The pursuit of (a customer’s) happiness


This post reminds me of one incident that made me believe more in Flipkart’s efforts and sincerity towards their customers. It was my mom’s birthday and I had ordered a bag for her from another website (not Flipkart). The day before her birthday, the order was suddenly cancelled. I panicked and felt so bad because I really wanted to gift her that very same bag. I had no hopes to get it the next day but still took a chance and searched for it on Flipkart. Luckily I found it and being a Flipkart Plus member, I was getting the delivery next day.

I ordered it and the next morning, I got a message with details of the Flipkart Wishmaster who was supposed to deliver my product before the end of the day. The Wishmaster was very polite and I requested if he could deliver it earlier in the day. I explained the situation to him and told him that I really wanted it to reach her before the cake-cutting ceremony in the evening. It was difficult for him as he was in a different area and was supposed to come in my area around 7 pm. But he was so generous and humble that he said would do his best to get it and that after all, they work to ensure customers’ happiness.

To my surprise, I got the gift in the afternoon itself. My mom was super happy when I gave it to her during the cake cutting. That day I understood why they are called WISHMASTERS. That day, I truly found #AFriendInFlipkart!

@Msmysticsoul, Flipkart customer

A friend who’ll always keep in touch


I recently bought a Redmi Note 7S from Flipkart. Initially, I received a faulty device, so I initiated a return request. In response to my request , a Customer Support executive got in touch with me to solve the issue. I was impressed because each time he called me, he had new updates about the replacement phone. The service was just like as if I was his brother — with every step like technician visit , pick-up of faulty phone etc., he was there. Overall , it was a wonderful customer support experience because of my #AFriendInFlipkart who proved to me that shopping with Flipkart is a customer-friendly experience. In fact, I’m posting this with my replaced Redmi Note 7S.

@Rajan_arora345, Flipkart customer

A friend whose advice you can count on


One day I was trying to add my Flipkart Gift voucher in my Flipkart wallet but it was showing an error. Immediately I contacted Flipkart Customer Support. Without any delay the executive asked me to convey my problem and within minutes, informed me that the gift card had already been used and added in some other wallet.

At first I didn’t believe it. But my  took the time to calmly explain to me why I was facing an issue. He then suggested I call up the company who awarded me the gift voucher. Listening to his advice, I contacted the company. They apologized and confirmed that the card had already been used and they assured me that I’d get a new gift voucher to use. I thanked my #AFriendInFlipkart for all his support and patience towards Flipkart customers.

@Simple.ram, Flipkart customer

The dedication of #AFriendInFlipkart

Mine isn’t an extraordinary story, but it shows the dedication of Flipkart Customer Support to solve the problems of customers. Two weeks back, I had placed an order for a shower gel. A free loofah was part of the package. When I received the product, the loofah was missing. I informed Flipkart Customer Support to bring this to their attention. I didn’t really need the loofah and I was just making the Flipkart team aware of the fact that such incidents are happening. But the Customer Support Executive responded to me saying that they’ll keep me updated on this matter. I had forgotten all about it, until I got a call from Flipkart, apologizing for the inconvenience caused. They had also worked with the seller and credited ₹50 voucher in my account! I was so stunned at their commitment. For me it was just a matter of a free product undelivered, so I was not really concerned. But Flipkart’s Customer Support proved that they value every customer irrespective of the amount involved in the purchase, be it ₹50 or ₹5000. This is definitely the reason that Flipkart is one of the best e-commerce websites in India.

@Nikstylo10, Flipkart customer

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