Get, set, shop! Your guide to using Flipkart EGVs or Gift Cards

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If a loved one has gifted you a Flipkart Electronic Gift Voucher, or if you’ve won it by participating in the many contests, there’s always more shopping to be done! Having trouble making the best use of your big win? Here’s all you need to know about using your Flipkart EGV.

Flipkart EGVs

If you’ve played the many Flipkart contests and won or if a loved one has been feeling a little too generous, you probably have a Flipkart Electronic Gift Voucher (or two!) to spend. Wondering how to redeem it? Here’s everything you need to know about using Flipkart EGVs.

What makes Flipkart EGVs so exciting?

In a nutshell, EGVs or Flipkart Gift Cards are similar to vouchers that you redeem at a store. For instance, if you have won a gift card worth ₹500, you can shop worth ₹500 and use Flipkart EGVs to pay.

Winner takes all — how you can use Flipkart Gift Cards

If you’re holding on to your Flipkart EGVs wondering how you can put them to good use, it’s simple. All you have to do is log on to Flipkart, select the items you want to buy and add them to your cart. Then, click on ‘Proceed to Pay’, as you usually would. Instead of selecting Cash on Delivery or Net Banking as your payment option, click on ‘Pay by Gift Card’. Flipkart EGVs carry a 16-digit card number, just like your debit/credit card, and a 6-digit pin. You’ll find both these numbers in an email with the EGV details. Simply enter them to pay for your order.

Flipkart EGVs

If your total exceeds the Flipkart EGVs value, simply pay the balance via a payment method of your choice. It’s as easy as that.

Got a lot of Flipkart EGVs? Here’s how to keep track of them

So you got lucky and ended up with multiple Flipkart EGVs! That’s good news. If you want to make one big purchase using the multiple vouchers, you absolutely can.

If you want to use up all your Flipkart EGVs, simply click on the drop down menu on the top left of the screen -> click on Gift Card -> scroll down and click on Add Gift Card To Wallet. Check your Flipkart EGVs email for the Gift Card Number and Gift Card PIN -> enter the details -> click Apply , and you’re done!

Flipkart EGVs

Now that you’ve added your Gift Card to your wallet, simple use this payment method the next time you purchase something on Flipkart.

Use one Flipkart EGVs for multiple purchases

If your Flipkart EGV is worth ₹500 and you only want to buy a perfume worth ₹300, for example, don’t fret. You don’t have to spend it all in one go. Your balance of ₹200 is safe and secure. Similarly, if you place an order and cancel it, the amount goes straight back to your Flipkart Gift Card.

Check your Flipkart EGV balance

You can check your Gift Card balance at any time by logging into your account on Flipkart. From the drop down menu on the top left of the screen, click on ‘Gift Cards’. Then, click on ‘Check Gift Card Balance’. Enter your Flipkart Gift Card number and PIN, and voila! You will be able to see the balance amount that you can spend.

You have up to 12 months from the date that the Flipkart Gift Cards were issued to curate your cart and shop some more. So log on to Flipkart and shop to your heart’s content, guilt-free!

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Enjoy shopping on Flipkart