Young entrepreneurs soar with the Flipkart advantage

It is easier than ever before to make the most of what e-commerce has to offer, especially as a Flipkart seller. Take these young entrepreneurs for example. They’ve paved their path to success by leveraging the feature-rich Flipkart Seller Hub, defining the bullish spirit of Digital India.

young entrepreneurs

Working hard is the key to success, but working smart is equally important. Once upon a time, establishing your business meant jumping through numerous hoops, finding your market, creating an infrastructure, thinking about storage and distribution, and finding a marketing channel. Today, establishing your business as an online retailer is infinitely simpler. Take cue from Flipkart’s young entrepreneurs, who have used their enterprising nature and business instincts to carve a niche for themselves.

Mohit Vashisht, for instance, built a sports goods empire in five years, while young entrepreneur Shubham became a top-seller at the age of 18. Using Flipkart’s efficient seller platform has catapulted them to success at lightning speed.

Like these young entrepreneurs, Flipkart sellers are privy to a unique advantage: A tried-and-tested e-commerce ecosystem. You don’t have to invest in understanding work-floor management or promoting products. Simply use the wealth of expertise and assistance that Flipkart offers. Read on to know how these young entrepreneurs made it big.

Growing from strength to strength in half the time

Young entrepreneurs
Shubham, who is just 18, says selling online is a great way to start

You don’t need a business degree to sell on Flipkart, and 18-year-old Shubham, CEO and proprietor of Mshop, is proof. “For a young entrepreneur like me, selling online offered reach and growth,” he tells us. When he liaised with Flipkart, he was a novice, unaware of the intricacies of business. “However, with the Seller Hub’s support and sage advice, my sales have doubled!” Shubham shares gleefully.

A Silver Seller today, Shubham is confident and clear about his priorities.

“Flipkart has been the only online platform that has worked for me. They offer quick and transparent payment and initiatives like Flipkart CareTouch show that they want to help sellers succeed. It’s why my sales doubled during the last Big Billion Days Sale!”

Making the most of a refined user interface

Young entrepreneurs
“With Flipkart Seller Hub, I’ve gone from zero to hero,” says Mohit Vashisht of VintoSports

For Mohit, CEO and owner at VintoSports, things started looking up when he partnered with Flipkart. A badminton racket manufacturer, he focused on brick-and-mortar retail, selling online as a side business. But when his sales were scant and he and his wife were expecting a baby, he knew he needed a way to augment his revenue.

That’s when Flipkart’s Seller Hub came to his rescue, making him go from “zero to hero” — as he likes to say!

“Today I have a company that is well-known. I have diversified, and VintoSports is a Gold Seller too,” he shares. Mohit has also bought his own home and car, but his biggest achievement is something else entirely. “I’m proudest of the goodwill I have garnered. My success has been unimaginable, and it is because of Flipkart’s easy-to-use interface. If not for Flipkart, I would still be the man I was in 2012,” this young entrepreneur adds.

Running a lean management system

Young entrepreneurs
For Padam from Credobrands, Flipkart helped define pathways for products and people in his business

Padam, from Credobrands, says that signing up for Flipkart’s Seller Apex Program has made a measurable difference to his business.

“Our warehouse is central to our business, but our employees and products would lay about the warehouse in a haphazard manner,” he tells us. “Through this program, I have learnt warehouse management and optimization. Flipkart helped me define pathways for products and people, and equipped me with a quality check Visual Guide”.

How has this helped?

“Our returns have reduced by 1.5%–2%, which has translated into a benefit of ₹10 lakh. So, I recommend all Flipkart sellers to take advantage of the program,” Padam adds.

Watch this video for more on Padam’s story:

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So, if you’ve always dreamed of being your own boss, waste no time in registering to sell with Flipkart.

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