#FlipkartWrapped2021: Watch stories of resilience, hope & inspiration from our seller community

Donning the title of Flipkart Seller with pride, entrepreneurs from all walks of life have overcome adversity, pushed themselves beyond limits, and set benchmarks previously thought unattainable. In 2021, even as they reeled from the effects of the pandemic, these tenacious sellers stepped up and made their mark with e-commerce and Flipkart by their side. Watch their heartening success stories.

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For many successful Indian entrepreneurs, becoming a Flipkart seller was a career-defining moment. Some joined the Flipkart family to explore their talents in the world of e-commerce and some to uplift their families and communities and make a name for themselves. Others followed in the footsteps of another Flipkart seller to make it big and made a difference. Whatever the rationale, these sellers found their calling on the Flipkart platform and brought their dreams to life.

With a bevy of features that reduce the cost and time of set-up and operations, help with cataloguing and account management, and offer key business insights and financing, Flipkart opens the doors to growth and profitability for sellers who dare to dream. Read the stories of such Flipkart Sellers who journeyed the highway to success, with Flipkart by their side!

A Family business reimagined

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Flipkart seller Raju Lunawath is a man with big dreams and an unquenchable thirst for success. Straight out of college, he immediately found himself among the ranks at his father’s retail enterprise. Wasting no time in seizing opportunities, he won his father’s trust to make changes – including a complete shift in the business’ product categories. When he decided to partner with Flipkart, this Bengaluru-based family business’s products began reaching even the remotest corners of India.

From a few orders a day to over 1,000 orders today. From a 1-man army, to a team of 80+ employees — this is a story of growth beyond expectations.

Watch his inspiring story.

Just One Life-Changing Decision

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Chitra Vyas is not one who lets dreams defer. She aims high, and when the going gets tough, this is one entrepreneur who simply hits her stride! Even in her early years, prior to joining the Flipkart seller family, she never let challenges stand in her way. Once she turned to Flipkart, her business revived, and the rest was history. Today, Chitra is a ‘Best Entrepreneur’ awardee, has her own dry fruits brand, and is part of the diverse Flipkart seller community making waves across the nation.

Watch her #SellfMade story.

An Organic #MakeInIndia Tale

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Meghdoot Herbal, led by Vimal Shukla and sons Vishwas and Vipul, is an enterprise so ingrained in the local Lucknow community that it is hard to imagine the city and its nearby villages without it. Catering to a niche community, door-to-door sales and other local strategies were part and parcel of its business. All this, however, was set to transform. With Flipkart’s innovations paving the way for the democratization of e-commerce, the trio diversified, innovated, and updated their third-generation family business into an entity with national reach.

Watch this exciting story.

All you need is love

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Flipkart Seller, Abhishek Goel did everything right at every step along his professional journey. An engineer by trade, he held a stable job and had a beautiful marriage – but something always seemed out of tune. His work kept him away from his loved ones and this warranted change.

Uncertain, unprepared, but hopeful, Abhishek took a leap of faith into entrepreneurship. Launching Digiway Infocom and partnering with Flipkart, he knew he was finally on the right path, even during the darkest hours of the pandemic. Experiencing the ease of doing business with Flipkart and enjoying its pan-India reach, Abhishek is now a successful #SellfMade seller who never has to compromise on love and family time!

Watch his heartwarming story.

The Art Of Good Business

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Rahul Kumawat, a Flipkart seller from Jaipur, has always been a go-getter, with hard work and self-belief as his guiding light. As a young boy, still in class 9, he worked after school to support his family. Later, in 2013 Rahul launched Khatu Crafts, looking to make it big. Thinking ahead, he embraced e-commerce with Flipkart, and has never looked back since. From Rs. 4,000 a month, this Flipkart Samarth partner now sustains a turnover between Rs. 2 crore to Rs. 3 crore. He credits much of his success to Flipkart’s ecosystem, one that has enabled him to grow his small business into the giant it is today.

Watch his heartening story.

Rattled, But Never Defeated

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Flipkart seller Charu Gupta is no stranger to adversity. Her trials were a turning point in her life, sparking her latent and vibrant entrepreneurial spirit. When faced with multiple market challenges, she believed in her vision and turned to Flipkart. The ease of onboarding combined with the various provisions that aid seller success on the platform set her on a path to success. Within the short span of 6 months, she achieved the prestigious title of a Gold Seller and a turnover of Rs.5 crore. Her #SellfMade story is a testament to the power of determination.

Watch her motivating story.

The steady democratization of e-commerce powered by Flipkart has offered an opportunity to entrepreneurs and dreamers across the nation to explore their talent and taste success. No matter who the Flipkart seller of tomorrow is – prior business experience, education, and age is no bar. All they need is a vision and the will to leverage all the growth tools at their disposal to touch the sky and beyond.

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