How to master voice search on the Flipkart mobile app

Tapping that little mic icon in the Flipkart app opens up a whole new world of possibilities so use your voice search feature today!

voice search

If you’re excited about technology getting smarter and smartphone apps being designed to be more useful, we’re sure you’ve thought about the Voice Search option on the Flipkart mobile app. Tapping the search bar on the home screen, you’ll see the mic, the barcode and the camera icon. Tapping the mic icon gives you access to Voice Search. We’ve compiled some tips and tricks here to ensure you become a voice search pro in no time!

Why use it?

It’s easier to talk than type, right? If you’re slow at typing or find it cumbersome to tap the right letter on your smartphone screen (like millions of other users), let your voice do the talking!

Holding a briefcase or tote in one hand and a child in the other? Just about hanging on to the phone is the most you can do? Fret not. Voice Search makes it really easy to search. Imagine a hundred other scenarios where you’d be better off not using both hands to type and Voice Search comes to your rescue.

Not good with spellings? Didn’t catch that new brand name? If you can say it, the Voice Search app will do the hard work for you!

It actually works
Unlike your other experiences with voice-enabled smart devices, the Voice Search on the Flipkart app is actually designed keeping the way Indians speak in mind. No more worrying about not being understood.

voice search

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How to get it right

Be clear
Remember what your English teacher always said in school? Enunciate! Speak slowly and clearly and you’ll see Voice Search pick it up in a jiffy.

Use the right keywords
If you’re looking for a mobile phone, make sure you’re using the keywords with the brand name, the device type, the category or the feature. Eg: Say “Lenovo, smartphone, 4GB.”

Don’t speak in long sentences Keep it short! Speak the product name or category, with size and color and you’ll get better search results.

voice search
We wanted to search for bags so we said “Bags” when this screen popped up!

How to narrow it down

Be specific
When it comes to color and product size, try being as specific as possible so you aren’t saddled with a thousand products that will take you a day to browse through! Get the best out of Voice Search by being specific first and then getting more general. If you wanted to buy a sofa, and preferred a blue one, you could say “Large blue cotton sofa” instead of just saying “sofa”.

Cut down on the keywords
If you are being too generic with your search, you’re probably including too many keywords and getting too many results. Instead of saying “White living room furniture”, you could instead say “White recliner” and get more targeted results.

Make use of tools: You can also use the ‘Filter’ and ‘Sort By’ tools to further hone in your search results by sub category, brands, price and popularity.

voice search
Here, we can see bags! There you have it.

Now that you know how what’s the first thing you’re using Voice Search for?

Enjoy shopping on Flipkart