Innovator, Chef, Wishmaster: Ramroop Kashyap’s #OneInABillion journey

The streets of Amritsar, Punjab have been witness to a Flipkart Wishmaster arriving on a unique mode of transportation. Inquisitive and keen to let nothing hold him back from his goals, Ramroop Kashyap harnessed the power of the internet to convert his bicycle into an e-bike. He shares his #OneInABillion journey where one video made life faster, and brought him closer to achieving his dreams.


I am originally from Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh. My parents still live there, but I moved to Amritsar, Punjab 15 years ago when I was in need of a job. My parents arranged my marriage a few years ago, and now I live with my wife and 3 daughters. Two of them go to school, and my youngest is very little.

I studied up to the 8th standard, and then had to give up on my education. However, I never let it hold me back because I love learning new things, and am very comfortable with getting the right information on the internet.


I am used to ordering things online. One day, my Flipkart package arrived home, and I realized that the Wishmaster was my friend. At that point, I had a lot of time on my hands and was on the lookout for a job. When I told him that, he brought me to the hub and I found this role as a Flipkart Wishmaster.

I found it a bit difficult to move around the city on my bicycle. I’m a very curious person by nature – I watched a video online that taught me how to convert a regular bicycle into an e-bike. I ordered the conversion kit, which contained a motor, a controller, a battery and a charger amongst other things.

I watched the video to put them all together, and I had an e-bike! I have gotten so used to it, and find it very easy to get around the city.

This job gives me the flexibility to still do what I love – which is cook. I find time to cook before and after making my deliveries, so I haven’t had to give up on my previous job.

I always enjoyed cooking, and still remember the times I used to cook for my family as a young boy. My mother taught me how to, but back then I could only make the regular food we ate at home, like dal-chaawal.

When I arrived in Amritsar, I trained under a cook, and learnt how to make many different dishes. Today, I can easily cook South Indian, North Indian, Italian, Chinese, and other vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. I am primarily a chef, and used to cook in many houses.

I have gotten used to my role here at Flipkart, and the members at the hub are really supportive too. We have had meetings to prepare us for the Big Billion Days, and I am all set for it! I also bought an additional battery so my e-bike fully supports me this festive season.

Just like I converted my bicycle to an e-bike with the help of the internet, I have also learnt to cook many new dishes with the help of videos. I have a lot of dreams, and the biggest one is to save enough money and open my own restaurant. My expertise lies in food, so that is something I definitely want to pursue in future.

All I want to say is, if you have a dream, maybe the internet can help you fulfill it!

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