From skeptic to believer: How this #SellfMade Flipkart seller found trust and success online

When Nihilkumar Dhirubhai Dobariya heard about Flipkart’s growth in the e-commerce industry, he was impressed. But he was still skeptical about how things would pan out if he ever chose to sell online. After working in a multinational company for two and a half years, he decided to work for himself and became an entrepreneur. After trying his luck on other platforms, he decided to sell on Flipkart and that’s when, he says, his life changed completely. Read his inspiring story.

Flipkart seller

I used to work in Healthcare & IT after I completed my Master’s in Pharmacy. I was a clinical researcher in Bengaluru, but due to some personal reasons I had to relocate to my hometown. I had heard a lot about Flipkart’s growth and India’s e-commerce industry boom. I worked for two and a half years in one of the top five companies in the world. Before becoming a Flipkart seller, I was a bit skeptical about how things would pan out online. But over time, I realized the potential for growth in being a Flipkart seller. I quit my job then. Today I am a proud Flipkart seller. I have a physical store too.

Flipkart seller

Everything about being a Flipkart seller was easy. Flipkart is very punctual with updates. I dealt with many other platforms, but Flipkart has always been a priority for me. I felt more apnapan (affinity) with Flipkart. Things like policy changes are not at all troublesome with Flipkart. With other portals, there is no transparency. But with Flipkart, their seller support team prioritizes and resolves issues quickly.

One of the reasons why I wanted to become a Flipkart seller was to discover my potential in this field. When I was working in the MNC, I saved some money for myself in those two and a half years. With that money I’d saved, I independently started investing in my business. Flipkart has fulfilled my dreams by taking my business to a higher level even with low capital investment.

Flipkart seller

I sell personal and healthcare products on Flipkart. I focused on cosmetics for women such as beauty products and grooming products for hair, skin and nails. I also sell appliances and makeup.

My business grew unbelievably on Flipkart. I had assumed that onboarding as a seller on Flipkart may be difficult. I thought requirements like getting proper documentation, GST Number etc., would be a tiresome process seeing as Flipkart was a big company. When I became a seller with Flipkart, I was overwhelmed! The process was so smooth and my sales shot up in no time at all.

Flipkart really helps their sellers with selection insight. Especially during The Big Billion Days sale when every seller’s sales skyrockets, they really work with us to help us reach our full potential. As sellers, we put a lot of new listings and implement strategies to increase profits and Flipkart ensures that they’re beneficial both for customers and sellers.

My family is also really proud of my growth as an entrepreneur. My brother is a lawyer and my wife is a doctor. Despite being very busy themselves, they give me all the help and emotional support I need. I don’t take any finances from them though. Whatever I earn selling on Flipkart, I reinvest it. And I’m proud of that! My family is my strength.

Over the last few years, e-commerce has totally changed the definition of “set up shop” in terms of business for sellers like me. I am very happy with my career today.

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