Flipkart Outdoors – hot sun, cool tech, great fun

Flipkart Outdoors. Make that #FlipkartOutdoors. Throw in a bunch of enthusiastic bloggers with awesome outdoor tech products, and you have magic. And, oh yes, a trending hashtag!

Flipkart Outdoors

Flipkart Outdoors. Make that #FlipkartOutdoors. Take a day of hot sun (shaded by sprawling mango trees), cool tech (available to touch, feel and play with) and throw in a bunch of eager, enthusiastic bloggers (from Indiblogger). What do you have? Obviously, a trending hashtag. And a full day of fun, adventure — and more calories burned than you can count.

Or maybe you can. Because that’s what some of the cool tech wearables at #FlipkartOutdoors (like the smartwatches from Garmin and the Samsung S2) could measure. Add to that a range of tough action cameras from Sony and the uber-cool Polaroid Cube, water-repelling speakers from Altec Lansing to make rain dances a dream come true. How about eco-friendly trekking shoes from Red Chief? And, wait for this, a portable potty courtesy of Coleman, which makes nature’s call an event to to enjoy in the lap of nature itself.

Our bloggers got to learn about these great products, as well as touch, feel and use them in practical adventure situations as they divvied up into teams and went about chasing down tough targets. With activities like zorbing and zip-lining, to archery and paintball, they had an eventful day testing the products under real adventure conditions. Adrenaline and perspiration were in full flow as the bloggers set about their tasks with competitive gusto. The day ended with a round of paintball, cool prizes (more outdoor gear, of course) and some much-needed cooling off with mocktails.

And that was that at Flipkart Outdoors. The hashtag trended for six hours on Saturday. Enjoy this special compilation of tweets and Instagram posts from the event.

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