Hall Of Shame: Rate the best of the worst fake Flipkart websites and scams

Fake websites and fraudulent offers are a pesky presence in the online shopping sphere, but if you look hard enough, you might find something entertaining to pass your time. Hard as they may try, these fraudsters are running out of ideas. Take a look and share your verdict!

Flipkart Fraud Rating

How do you know if the website you are shopping on is the original Flipkart? It’s very easy to find out if you know what signs to look for (watch this video). Unfortunately, this is not going to stop the fraudsters. So we’ve decided to give them some feedback: a Flipkart Fraud Rating.

Over the last few weeks, we have received multiple reports of websites masquerading as Flipkart, offering deals that are too good to be true. All of them have one thing in common: they’re badly disguised, often hilariously so.

So we’ve decided to give the fraudsters some constructive criticism. In this series we unmask some of the funniest fake offers and fraudulent websites, and assign them a rating out of 10, based on how much they made us laugh. Without further ado, we present “Is this Flipkart?”, a journey through the best of the worst

Verdict #1

Verdict: You suck at Algebra


We’re not going to lie. You almost had us with this one. The design looks surprisingly good. The name is horrible though. A word of advice: Nobody has ever clicked on a website that ends with xyz. This isn’t algebra class. Please try harder.

Flipkart Fraud Rating: 6/10 – Points for effort


Verdict #2

Verdict: Looting is not “super cool”


Ah, a peek into the mind of the fraudster. A fraudian slip, if you will. Not only is the fraudster telling you what he plans to do (“loot”), he also also thinks it’s “super-cool”!

Flipkart Fraud Rating: 5/10. Too brazen to work.

Verdict #3

Verdict: Not such a Big Deal!!


That’s a lot of exclamation points. Even we’re not that excited about our sales. This is a little too unhinged to be realistic.

Flipkart Fraud Rating: 4/10, points for enthusiasm

Verdict #4

Verdict: Against all ethics


We don’t know what else they share on this page but in this case, “The Ethics” are a little bit sketchy because this offer is clearly fake.

Flipkart Fraud Rating: 1/10. Work on your ethics

Verdict #5

Verdict: Mind Boggling


Flipkart is a website. That means it exists online. We understand that sometimes it’s tempting to think, “Oh, what if Flipkart was in my building? I could just go there and buy whatever I want.” This makes no sense, because it would be easier to order on the Flipkart app from the comfort of your bed, or sofa. That’s the point.

Flipkart Fraud Rating: 0/10, too stupid to work

Verdict #6

Verdict: Fast sales, slow wit


We assure you, these sales are not happening fast, because these websites are fake. Also you should leave some of these xyz urls for the other fraudsters.

Flipkart Fraud Rating: xyz/10, where x=0, y=0 and z=0

Verdict #7

Verdict: An offer you can absolutely refuse


What if that child in the police uniform showed up at your door? Except, he isn’t a child. He’s a grown man with handcuffs. That’s what happens if you try to run a scam this obvious.

Flipkart Fraud Rating: 5/10. We were going to go with 4/10, but take the extra point. Today’s special offer.

Verdict #8

Verdict: Can I resign in advance?


What’s the plan here, sellercafe.in? Get this guy to show up at this address and steal his wallet? Are you doing so badly online that you’re taking your scams offline? We’re worried.

Flipkart Fraud Rating: 3/10. Stick to the online scams

Verdict #9

Verdict: Maha Dhamaka Flop


Realeme 3? More like Fakeme 3. If there’s an offer on mobile phones, we assure the link will lead you to Flipkart.com, not mobilesale.info

Flipkart Fraud Rating: 0/10. This is just lazy

Verdict #10

Verdict: Letter of disappointment


We have to keep reminding the fraudsters. Flipkart is a website. There are no storekeepers in e-commerce. Who is going to fall for this? Are you guys out of ideas? Worrying

Flipkart Fraud Rating: 0/10. Never applied for this job

We invite you to use this form to report fake sites, apps and offers that attempt to defraud customers by misusing the Flipkart brand name.


Enjoy shopping on Flipkart