Chennai Super Queens: At this Flipkart hub, an all-woman team is creating supply chain history!

At this Flipkart hub in Chennai, an all-woman team runs an entire shift of operations every day. Watch the video.


Many women take up IT and other jobs, but  not in a warehouse. I chose to work in a warehouse as a challenge,” says Sasikala Yesumani, an Operations Executive at one of Flipkart’s hubs in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.  

She, along with Monika, Jenifer, Sumathy and Bhuvana, is among 300 women who work the special women-only shifts across multiple Flipkart hubs in the country. 

Watch: Flipkart’s very own Chennai Super Queens

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In 2017, Flipkart launched Project Vividtha to enable the active participation of women in its supply chain. Today, women are employed in a host of roles — from sorting, to delivery, shipment checks, security and more —  creating an inclusive and empowering workplace. While Flipkart fuels their career aspirations, these trailblazing women bring ambition, passion, energy and purpose to their jobs.

Many of these women are the first in their families to work in such roles, creating supply chain history in India. 

Theirs is a story of inclusion, equal opportunity, dreams and success. 

Meet Flipkart’s very own Chennai Super Queens!

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