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How a human approach to technology is endearing Flipkart to millions

Flipkart Stories Editorial
Fourteen percent of all internet users in India — 60 million people — shopped online in 2016. According to a Morgan Stanley report, by 2026 this number will rise to over 50%. As more and more Indians embrace online shopping, Flipkart’s technology with a human touch is helping bolster this shift, shaping digital habits in a rapidly evolving digital marketplace. These customer stories attest to the effort that Flipkart has made in research, development and innovation to deliver technology that understands and serves the unique needs of the Indian customer.

Intelligent Fashion – How data weaves Flipkart’s private label brands

Sophia Stephen
Just five years from inception, Flipkart fashion ventured into private labels that have, in a short time, gone on to become bestsellers on the platform. What makes these brands tick? An enviable stash of data that decodes just what today’s Indian shopper seeks and a capable in-house team at its stylish Bangalore headquarters that has one single goal — to marry this data with creative expertise.

Not all heroes wear capes — Saluting the workforce behind Flipkart

Rajkamal Narayanan
Men and women who are seldom in the spotlight, but work day and night — they are the supporting pillars that make workdays at Flipkart a hundred times smoother. Flipsters spent the afternoon of November 18 expressing their gratitude to the heroes behind the scenes — Flipkart’s support staff. As part of Flipkart’s Month Of Giving, they switched roles to serve Flipkart support staff a sumptuous special Oota (Kannadiga festive lunch)

Billion Capture+ Customer Reviews – Read what certified buyers are saying

Flipkart Stories Editorial
Made from reviews by Indians, for Indians, the Billion Capture+ is capturing hearts across the country. Don’t want to take our word for it? Read the first-hand experiences of everyday Indians in these honest and transparent customer reviews to get a real-life feel of what the Billion Capture+ is all about. Gear up for the next sale on November 20, 2017

Cracking The Big Billion Days code — Superstar Sellers share success stories

Flipkart Stories Editorial
Flipkart’s Big Billion Days Sale is hard to miss. Brimming with offers and unbelievable discounts, it’s every shopper’s dream sale. Behind the scenes, along with Flipkart employees, are scores of sellers working relentlessly to provide you with everything you desire. Flipkart’s top sellers share the secret recipe of success during The Big Billion Days sale