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#SellfMade From homemaker to hotshot entrepreneur — this Flipkart seller overcame adversity to fulfil her dreams

To many, selling online means access to the entire Indian market. For a few others, it’s a way to break gender bias and take a firm step towards independence. In the second story of our #SellfMade series, read how Flipkart seller Monica Saini, owner of MP Mega Store in Delhi, quashed her family's age-old refrain that women should only take care of the home, by becoming an ace online entrepreneur on Flipkart.
Sophia Stephen

Humans + AI-powered bots: The future of Indian e-commerce is here

Over 4,500 shipments an hour at twice the speed and with 99.9% accuracy — the future of Indian e-commerce is unfolding at a Flipkart sortation center tucked away in the outskirts of Bengaluru. Here, humans and AI-powered bots — known as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) — work seamlessly together so your Flipkart packages reach you faster and without overburdening the facility staff. Read how this groundbreaking technology is changing the game for a country that's rapidly embracing e-commerce and all that it has to offer.
Vishnu Nair

Quality First: How Flipkart’s private labels bring trust and affordability to the Indian market

In 2016, Flipkart dared to dream by introducing private label products to its catalog. Today, Flipkart’s Private Label brands are capturing the imaginations of Indian customers with their combination of affordability, quality and India-centric product design, filling previously unaddressed gaps in the Indian market. Their groundbreaking work has not gone unrewarded, with private label brands performing very strongly in the festive season sales, particularly The Big Billion Days. Read the story of the team behind these remarkable achievements.