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Billion Capture+ — a dual camera phone with flagship features made for India


A smartphone user base of over 300 million is proof that modern India loves technology. The question is — is there anything better than easy access to the best smartphone technology? With its new smartphone, Flipkart provides a definitive answer. An outstanding dual camera, a fast-charging adaptor out of the box for a huge battery, the latest stock Android OS, unlimited cloud storage and the best-in-class processor all in one phone that’s easy on the wallet? Now that’s a killer idea that every Indian will be excited about. Presenting the Billion Capture+ – a phone that’s truly Made For India.

Billion Capture+ — a dual camera phone with flagship features made for India

The Billion Capture+ (read Billion Capture Plus) is a true testament to the everyday Indian — it is smart, fast, and absolutely reliable. Launched by Flipkart’s #MadeForIndia brand, Billion, the Capture+ is all about making world-class features accessible to all Indians. Inspired by the reviews of thousands of Indians on Flipkart, the phone is designed and engineered in India, to address the many unique needs that we have, in one terrific package. It’s everything you could want in a smartphone at a price you won’t believe! Read on to understand what makes the Capture+ a revolutionary new smartphone.

The flamboyance of India, captured

Our nation is a whirlwind of beautiful shades — all of our events, from small victories to crowning achievements, are marked by the presence of rich, lively colors — that can only be recorded by a customized camera. To do justice to India’s foods, festivals, weddings, and natural beauty is no mean feat. The Capture+ has a 13MP + 13MP dual rear camera with dual tone flash that is specially designed to capture double the light and double the details, even in low light. The dual rear camera works just like the human eye, with RGB and monochrome sensors working in tandem to capture vibrant colours in vivid detail. Here are some of the amazing features of this remarkable camera.

billion capture+


Super Night

Indians don’t just take pictures during the day – our vibrant colors shine brightly in the night as well. The Capture+’s dual rear camera has two sensors that help capture twice the light as compared to a single rear camera. In low light, this translates to twice the amount of detail, giving stunning low-light pictures.

Portrait Mode (Bokeh Effect) with Billion Capture+

Click gorgeous profile pictures with Portrait Mode in the Capture+. The 13MP+13MP dual cameras, along with the super-fast processor, combine to clearly highlight subjects from the background for high-quality portraits, truly capturing the colors of India.

Depth of field

Capture minute details for objects small or big, near or far, with the dual sensors that gauge real depth in an image.

The phone also has an 8MP front camera that is more than capable of capturing those treasured selfies.

The endurance of India, captured

Billion Capture+


India is poised to become a superpower in the near future, and there is a reason why this dream is now within reach. We do not believe in slowing down. With a 3,500mAh battery that provides up to two days of uninterrupted battery life, the Capture+ reflects this spirit of young India. It features a USB Type C charger equipped with Quickcharge™ out of the box, a technology that’s long been present only in premium smartphones, including the LG V20  and the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro. This means you get an amazing seven hours of battery life after merely 15 minutes of charging.

The power of India, captured

billion capture+


India has produced great achievers in all spheres of life. The Capture+ is an embodiment of this masterful Indian spirit. But what good is a long-lasting battery unless you have the performance to back it up? That’s why the Capture+ is powered by a Qualcomm SD625 octa-core processor and up to 4GB LPDDR3 RAM. For all our multitaskers out there, these features are a must-have.

The desire of India, captured

billion capture+


The lovely colourful sights of India are around us every day, every minute, and capturing all of them will need so many pictures – the Billion Capture+ has that covered with free unlimited secure cloud storage, unheard of outside premium smartphones! It also comes with up to 64GB internal memory, expandable up to 128 GB. So click away on that amazing dual camera with no fears of low storage!

The versatility of India, captured

billion capture+


Our country’s beauty goes beyond the scope of simple imagination. The Billion Capture+ has been created to emulate this undeniable appeal. It has a premium metal body crafted to precision, and easy-to-hold curves that will charm, along with a perfectly placed fingerprint sensor on the back. It’s available in two gorgeous colours – Mystic Black and Desert Gold. The Billion Capture+ also comes with the latest stock Android Nougat 7.1.2 operating system – no bloatware that slows India down, and the latest security fixes to keep your data secure.The Capture+ also comes with a guaranteed upgrade to Android Oreo!

A billion dreams, captured

Flipkart is India’s largest e-commerce marketplace and with the Billion Capture+, it aims to spread the accessibility of efficient yet affordable smartphones throughout the country. Thanks to more than a million registered sellers delivering to over 19,000 pin codes, Flipkart is well on its way to making Billion a household name.

billion capture+



Sachin Bansal, Flipkart co-founder and Executive Chairman, has a clear vision about Billion and the Capture+. In his words: “Billion aims to make high-quality everyday products accessible to all Indians who are today limited by choice & budget when it comes to world-class quality. By making these products in India, we will create an impact on both the manufacturing eco-system in the country and the skills of young workers. Doing this in fast-growing, high-tech segments like smartphones, will magnify this impact on the nation.”

Curious about the Billion Capture+? Read more here, and get your own starting at just ₹10,999.

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