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A guide to choosing the perfect bean bag

One size doesn’t fit all, so make sure you pick the bean bag that’s best for you

A guide to choosing the perfect bean bag

The bean bag is a most quirky piece of furniture. Apart from being super comfortable, it is also an easy accessory to decorate your home with. Bean bags are light, easy to move, affordable, portable, come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes and are perfect for a modern apartment. Their contemporary style is fitting for someone with minimal tastes, and of course those who are perpetually on the go. They are fully customizable—from shape to fabric and therefore ideal for someone who has specific needs.

Before investing in one however, make sure that your bean bag meets all your requirements. Here’s a look at five diverse requirements, and the kind of bean bags that suits them best. Remember, some of these come with the beans filled, while others require you to purchase the beans separately. Flipkart, unlike most other online retailers, sells bean bags with superior quality beans as well as bean bag covers, so make sure to read the product description before ordering one.

#1 For extra room at parties
If you entertain guests a lot, or are always up for hosting a house party, you need extra seating, but probably not all the time. For such cases, a classic teardrop bean bag is the best pick. People can drag it to a spot they want, adjust it to their liking depending on whether they want to use it as a chair or as a recliner and once the party is over, you can stack it in a spare room or flatten it out and store it under your bed. The Comfort Bean Bags XXL Bean Bag With Bean Filling and the Invogue XXXL Bean Bag Sofa Cover (Without Filling) are our picks.

#2 To add a pop of color
If you’re rather pleased with the way your home’s décor is, but would still like to add a pop of color, a bean bag is perfect. You can opt for whatever shape suits your fancy, a conventional teardrop one or a cylindrical one perhaps, and simply place it alongside a coffee table or in a corner to switch things up a little. A footstool, such as the Star Medium Bean Bag Footstool With Bean Filling, or a seat-style bean bag, such as the Fun ON XXXL Bean Bag Sofa Cover (Without Filling), make for excellent choices.

#3 For your little one
Bean bags are perfect for children—what’s not to love about a sack full of tiny beans? They’ll really enjoy jumping on it or parking themselves on it for an afternoon of playtime with their favorite toy. Pick one with their beloved cartoon character or animal on it. In a bright hue, they make the perfect addition to your little one’s room. The Fun ON XXL Bean Bag Footstool Cover (Without Filling) has Chota Bheem characters on it, while the OHS XL Teardrop Bean Bag Cover (Without Filling) is purple, and features a fun-loving monkey!

#4 To add a sporty vibe
If you’re a fan of all things sporty, use a bean bag to add that that athletic touch to your home. Go all out with a football-themed one, or keep things subdued with colorful, sporty trims—the choice is entirely yours. If you’re going all out, try the OHS XXL Bean Bag Cover (Without Filling) bean bag, or pick the OHS XXL Bean Bag Sofa Cover (Without Filling) with a red trim for a simple accent.

#5 To experiment with prints
Using prints to enhance your home’s décor is a trendy, stylish move and gives you the scope to experiment, mix and match, and add a tinge of your personality to every room in your home. For your study, or reading nook, pick this Fun ON XXXL Teardrop Bean Bag Cover (Without Filling). It has a New York Times inspired print that’s perfect for a room that houses all your treasured books. For a vanity area, the AVS XL Teardrop Bean Bag Cover (Without Filling), with a zebra print is a great match. However, if you are looking for something fun (that also shows your love for cats), pick the Fun ON XL Teardrop Bean Bag Cover (Without Filling). It has cute cat drawings all over and makes for an interesting conversation starter too!

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