Gone in 30 minutes… Flipkart Quick makes the fastest delivery of The Big Billion Days!

A Flipkart Quick delivery is promised in 90 minutes. But these Flipkart customers had no idea that, within a fraction of that time, they would be cradling in their hands the new phones they ordered during The Big Billion Days early access sale!

Flipkart Quick Fastest Delivery The Big Billion Days

Exactly how quick is Flipkart Quick?

That depends. Let’s see. How quickly can you fix yourself breakfast — from scratch?

Here’s how: Wake up. Open fridge. Marvel at empty fridge. Rub belly. Scratch head. Open Flipkart app and navigate to Flipkart Quick. Add bread, milk, jam, cheese, bananas, and eggs to basket. Checkout.

Brush, and stop looking at your phone. Do some stretches.

Hey, your phone’s ringing! It’s the Flipkart Quick runner. With your breakfast. Faster than ordering in from a restaurant!

Great, that’s like in the ad, right? So, it works with groceries.

What about, say, if you want a mobile phone?

Sure, why not? Here’s a true story. Make that two.

October 15, the day before The Big Billion Days sale. At noon, early access opens for Flipkart Plus customers.

Chethan from Banashankari, a suburb of south Bengaluru, wants a Black Apple iPhone SE for The Big Billion Days. His brother, delighted to find his dream phone available in the Flipkart Quick section of the app, places an order, and then steps out to drop in at the neighborhood provision store.

The order is received, and directed to the nearest Flipkart Quick dark store at precisely 12:10:10.

Flipkart Quick Fastest Delivery
Pavan, a Flipkart Quick runner, picks the new orders from the dark store

A dark store (learn more) is like your regular neighborhood grocery store, offering organized storage options for products, but instead of customers physically browsing the shelves, Flipkart personnel monitor product quality.

Pavan, a Flipkart Quick runner assigned to the job, picks up Chethan’s order from a labelled shelf. He straps on his helmet, adjusts his face mask, and leaves for his customer’s address, carefully navigating the traffic on his two-wheeler on a cloudy afternoon.

Chethan’s brother is only halfway to the neighborhood shop, when Flipkart Quick is already at the doorstep of their family home. When Pavan calls Chethan’s number to announce his arrival, the family is confused.

What exactly is going on? Wasn’t it just 20 minutes ago that we placed the order?

Chethan’s brother rushes back home to receive the order. Gasping in delighted disbelief, he beckons his father Purushottam Poojary to collect the order. It’s a big day, and he wants his dad to share the joy of this moment.

With the customer’s permission, Pavan gently unwraps his package right before his eyes, to confirm that it is indeed the Black Apple iPhone SE that he ordered.

The time — 12:42:25. Just 32 minutes from when he placed the order. Well, don’t forget that Pavan has been waiting at the gate for 10 minutes… the order is delivered almost a whole hour faster than the promised delivery time of 90 minutes!

Flipkart Quick fastest delivery
Purushottam Poojary receives his son Chethan’s Flipkart Quick order, delivered within 20 minutes

Wait, don’t go away yet. Pavan has another order to deliver on the same route.

His next customer, Vishwas, had placed an order for an Apple iPhone SE at 12:12:10, within 12 minutes of the sale going live for early access customers. At 12:20:43, the Flipkart Quick dark store dispatches his order with Pavan. The app starts counting down, promising the customer delivery within 90 minutes.

Flipkart Quick fastest delivery
Customer Vishwas receives his Flipkart Quick delivery

Enough time to get lunch ready.

Vishwas lives in the neighborhood of Uttarahalli, a far-flung suburb in the southern reaches of Bengaluru. Following all safety precautions, Flipkart Quick runner Pavan weaves his two-wheeler through the chaotic traffic and narrow lanes, deftly dodging potholes, cows and pedestrians. He hands over the order to Vishwas at 13:06:06.

In less than an hour. And way sooner than the promised 90 minutes.

Flipkart Quick fastest delivery
A delighted Vishwas scribbled a handwritten note to his Flipkart Quick runner

“The Big Billion Days is just awesome!” Vishwas scribbles a note to Flipkart Quick. “You get products at less price and also very quick service. I got the phone in just 30 min! Great work, keep it up! :)”

Lunch isn’t ready yet. And the official opening of The Big Billion Days is still over 6 hours away!

Flipkart Quick is Flipkart‘s recently launched hyperlocal service that is currently operational in Bengaluru. Read the story of how it Flipkart team conceived and built this capability

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