Tales From A Lockdown: Online shoppers feel safe as they #StayHomeWithFlipkart

As the pandemic continues to force the world into a new normal that's increasingly indoors, Flipkart is working tirelessly to ensure that everything you need is delivered right to your doorstep, in the safest way possible. As we strive to keep up our end of the accessibility and safety promise, we asked our customers to tell us their #StayHomeWithFlipkart stories. They wrote in to share the many ways in which Flipkart is helping them stay home and stay safe. Read their heartwarming stories and spread the love!


In this story: Customers write in with their #StayHomeWithFlipkart stories.

From shopping to working and even celebrating, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world as we know it. With people increasingly staying home to practice social distancing and reduce exposure to the virus, e-commerce has emerged as their preferred method of shopping for a new normal. Whether it’s for essentials like groceries and medicines or an indulgence to bring back a sense of normalcy — like a smartphone or a box of sweets —  they’ve found it easily and safely online.  

While we at Flipkart work tirelessly to ensure that we bring the world to you so you can take care of yourself, we asked you how shopping on Flipkart has helped you stay safe and #StayHomeWithFlipkart. 

We are thrilled to be inundated with the most heartwarming #StayHomeWithFlipkart stories from our beloved customers! Read some of the best ones below. 


The pandemic and the movement restrictions that come with it have been difficult for all, but it’s been particularly challenging for those with young children or elderly relatives at home. Flipkart customer Shruti Agrawal Koorichh found herself in a tough spot when she realized she was running low on diapers for her baby. Unable to make a quick trip to the store as she usually would, Shruti turned to Flipkart for help. She wrote to Flipkart about the urgency of her order, and to her relief, the diapers were delivered in just two days! “Diaper is that one thing that I can’t compromise because my baby didn’t sleep without it but Flipkart really helped a lot in this pandemic #StayHomeWithFlipkart,” she wrote on Facebook.


At Flipkart customer Seema Verma’s home, it was an elderly relative with a medical condition who found a solution online. With regular in-person health check-ups no longer an easy option, many customers across the country are ordering medical equipment on Flipkart to ensure the well-being of themselves and their loved ones. 

For Seema’s uncle, a patient of hypertension, the increasing COVID-19 cases meant he could no longer risk going to the doctor every few days to get his regular blood pressure check-ups. When their family doctor advised that they purchase an automatic blood pressure monitor, they were relieved to find the product on Flipkart. 

A few days later, the automatic BP monitor was at her doorstep! Seema regularly uses it to check her uncle’s BP and send the readings to his doctor, effectively getting the consultation done virtually. “For us, Flipkart is a life savior and makes life even simpler. My Most favorite online shopping destination. #StayHomeWithFlipkart,” she posted on Facebook.


As the festive season approaches, many like Pooja G are turning to Flipkart to help safely bridge the physical distance that the pandemic has created among loved ones during celebrations. Unable to be with her beloved brothers during Rakshabandhan, Pooja found a creative solution to her problem with the help of Flipkart! 

Thanks to Flipkart’s quick delivery, she was able to get both the rakhis and the gifts for her brothers safely a week before the festival. “So happy that my favorite online shopping portal Flipkart helped me save the festival, be safe and yet practice all my traditions,” she told us

As forlorn Mumbaikars gear up for a Ganesh Chaturthi without the usual pomp and splendor on August 22, Kalpana J M, a Flipkart customer and a resident of Mumbai, found renewed faith in Ganpati Bappa. When the COVID-19 pandemic put a dampener on her plans, she decided she would celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi at home, with a little help from Flipkart. “Flipkart  helps me to stay safe and gift real Godly thinking for social causes. This Ganesh Chaturthi means no show off but realizing the real god within. #StayHomeWithFlipkart,” she said in a tweet. 


Having stayed indoors amid the pandemic, Divya, a Flipkart customer, was bored locked-in with her dull brick walls. It was high time to re-decorate, but she couldn’t go outside to pick out the wallpaper she wanted. But she didn’t have to wait long and shopped for wallpapers on Flipkart. “Thank you, Flipkart for delivering happiness in the form of colorful wallpapers and helping me decorate my walls!” she said, in a video message of appreciation.

These are just a few of the many heartwarming messages we received from customers as they keep themselves safe from the pandemic and #StayHomeWithFlipkart! You can read more of them here.

Meanwhile, make sure you stay safe and indoors to help flatten the curve. For everything else, you’ve got Flipkart! 

Enjoy shopping on Flipkart