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Tales From A Lockdown: Online shoppers feel safe as they #StayHomeWithFlipkart

As the pandemic continues to force the world into a new normal that's increasingly indoors, Flipkart is working tirelessly to ensure that everything you need is delivered right to your doorstep, in the safest way possible. As we strive to keep up our end of the accessibility and safety promise, we asked our customers to tell us their #StayHomeWithFlipkart stories. They wrote in to share the many ways in which Flipkart is helping them stay home and stay safe. Read their heartwarming stories and spread the love!
Madhu Karuthedath

Transgender customers embrace inclusiveness on Flipkart

Ten years might seem like an eternity at Flipkart. Yet, as we look back and marvel at this inspiring decade in the history of e-commerce in India, we are humbled by how much we have discovered about the lives we touch every day. In July 2017, as we set out to acquire a deeper perspective of our customers’ experiences, we chanced upon a story that moved us deeply. This story emerged from a community of customers whose existence has been ingrained in our nation’s conscience for millennia, and whose struggle for equality, to assert their fundamental rights and find acceptance in society, remains a hard-fought one to this day. Yet, it was heartening to discover that online shopping has been the silver lining in their everyday battle for equality and acceptance. Through online shopping and artistic expression, Flipkart’s spirited and savvy customers from the transgender community are breaking the barriers of gender bias and asserting their right to be part of a more equal society.