Small Business, Big Dreams: A Flipkart Samarth seller’s pursuit of growth and success

Veerafab, a textile brand rooted in Surat, is a fusion of traditional expertise and e-commerce prowess. Rathore Harishbhai and Pradeep Singh Shekhawat embarked on this journey during the pandemic in 2021, and their strategic move catalyzed Veerafab's success. As Flipkart Samarth sellers, the duo is maximizing the opportunities of e-commerce and advancing towards growth.

Small business

Surat-based Veerafab, a brand and small business in textiles, is the seamless integration of two visions: one powered by the wealth of experience in textile production and the other by the power and potential of e-commerce. Seemingly woven together by the threads of fate, both Rathore Harishbhai and Pradeep Singh Shekhawat have quite the story of success.

Stitches in time

It all started with an ordinary suggestion from Pradeep’s father, recalls Harishbhai. “Pradeep bhai’s family and mine live in the same society. One day, his father, who was in the B2B digital prints business, spoke to me about perhaps working together – of his son joining the dhanda. I have been in the embroidery fabric industry for over 12 years. In 2008, when opportunities in the diamond trade disappeared overnight due to the global downturn, I became an embroidery designer. It has now been 12 years since I expanded operations in the textile business.”

It was during the pandemic, many years after Veerafab first came into existence, that the desire to go online took hold.

“During the pandemic, online sellers were doing well. Pradeep bhai told me that he believed our business could really thrive online. He suggested that we sell online so we don’t have to go out to sell. Buyers would come to us instead. That was almost 3 years ago and once we onboarded as Flipkart Samarth sellers, we haven’t looked back.”

One meeting, a business pitch, and a handshake later, Veerafab took to the online markets via Flipkart Samarth.

The Flipkart Samarth program empowers artisans, weavers, and small businesses by providing them with a platform to showcase their products to a pan-India audience, fostering inclusive growth and economic empowerment across India’s diverse communities. Through training, technology support, and market access, Flipkart Samarth enables these entrepreneurs to thrive in the digital marketplace, enabling sustainable livelihoods and cultural preservation.

Now handling the online operations, Pradeep sees to the steady online growth of Veerafab. “During the normal business days, we average about 40 to 50 orders per day. During Flipkart’s Big Billion Days sale, we get around 350 orders per day,” says Pradeep.

Specializing in embroidery as well as digital prints, Veerafab sells ethnic sets with styles that include Lucknowi chikankari, Jaipuri block prints and more from all over India. Today, a single design at Veerafab sells at least 1,500 pieces, and the duo is aiming much higher.

Tailoring the path to success online

Small business

For Harishbhai, the digital world of commerce was one shrouded in mystery. “I did not have any idea or understanding about what an online business was all about. I simply trusted Pradeep bhai when he said that if we can make it, why can’t we sell it online? I told him I didn’t know how it was done but I can get as much inventory as he wanted ready.”

With all the support he could want, Pradeep put his best foot forward and it showed. “Onboarding to Flipkart was the right move for our small business and it opened doors to new opportunities. Flipkart’s features help us analyze our growth, and we can check all the important statistics and metrics we need. Based on the product performance for a given size, we can better focus on products that sell. We also get feedback from Flipkart on ways to manage our inventory and improve,” says Pradeep.

Small business

“Flipkart keeps us profitable – someone from the account management team is always ready to discuss problems and offer solutions on a daily basis. Since we onboarded as Flipkart Samarth sellers, we have grown continuously and consistently. Working with Flipkart, honestly, is different – Alag maza aata hai!” says Harishbhai as he and his business partner strive to take his small business to new heights.

With the demand for Veerafab’s designs rising, the duo creates work opportunities for local artisans in the textile industry. With Flipkart Samarth, this dynamic partnership has all the tools it needs to thrive.

Buttoned up and raring to go

With two Flipkart BBD sales behind them, the duo is fine-tuning their approach and preparing for yet another successful year. “First BBD to second BBD, we got twice as much sales. We are now looking forward to triple our growth! I feel like this is just the start,” says Harishbhai, backed by an equally enthusiastic partner.

“I look forward to growth on Flipkart, more than what we have with the ethnic sets. I am currently working on getting a warehouse in different states so we can execute on our plans to expand to sarees soon. Embroidery sarees have a good demand in the market and will lead to growth on Flipkart,” says Pradeep as he gears up for the third BBD sale.

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