Inside Look – How Flipkart Fulfillment Centres are beating back the COVID-19 crisis

Even as the nation goes into extended lockdown, e-commerce has become the lifeline for the country, keeping workers employed and delivering essentials to millions of customers. Curious about what's going on behind the scenes? Take a look at these pictures from Flipkart's fulfillment centres, warehouses and delivery hubs in the time of COVID-19

Even as the nation goes into an extended lockdown in the wake of COVID-19, Flipkart’s operations across the country have geared up to deliver essentials. E-commerce has been of timely assistance, bringing much-needed essentials to the doorsteps of millions of Indians, while ensuring that social distancing and hygiene protocols are followed. In a Twitter poll, e-commerce customers attested that e-commerce has helped them maintain social distancing to help flatten the curve and curb the spread of coronavirus infection.

At Flipkart’s fulfilment centres and hubs, precautions are in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff and customers alike. Hand hygiene, temperature checks and personal protective equipment have become business as usual in this new reality. Facilities are sanitized and fumigated. Hub employees, security personnel, Flipkart Wishmasters and even third-party delivery executives are instructed take extra precautions to ensure that their hubs are routinely cleansed before heading out to deliver essentials. Wearing face masks and following social distancing protocols are now an integral part of day-to-day operations and part of every associate’s go-to-work checklist.

Take a look at these pictures from Flipkart’s fulfillment centres (FC), warehouses and delivery hubs, shared by our dedicated staff and captured with their mobile phones.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Fulfillment Center

Preventive measures start even before fulfillment centre employees come into work. Social distancing is the norm during transit to and from the workplace

COVID-19 Coronavirus Fulfillment Center

A daily briefing in the time of social distancing at our FC in Haryana COVID-19 Coronavirus Fulfillment Center

Cleansing and sanitization of contact surfaces is carried out every few minutes at all Flipkart facilities, including hubs and fulfillment centres. Here, a sanitation employee cleans a contact surface at a Flipkart FC in Nagpur.COVID-19 Coronavirus Fulfillment Center

Wishmasters set out to make deliveries after taking all necessary precautions like hand hygiene and use of personal protective equipment like face masks. These Flipkart delivery executives are allowed to leave their hub in Dahisar, Maharashtra after all due precautions are recorded.COVID-19 Coronavirus Fulfillment Center

At a hub in Haryana, security personnel supervise employees while advising them on the correct way to wear protective equipment like face masks. Similar precautions are strictly enforced at entry and exit points at all hubs and fulfillment centres.COVID-19 Coronavirus Fulfillment Center

The busy packing line at a Flipkart Fulfillment Centre in Telangana appears markedly different when social distancing norms are in place. COVID-19 Coronavirus Fulfillment Center

Hand hygiene is made mandatory at turnstiles as employees enter and exit the premisesCOVID-19 Coronavirus Fulfillment Center

A team huddle in the time of social distancingCOVID-19 Coronavirus Fulfillment Center

At this hub in West Bengal, a security personnel checks an incoming employee’s temperature with a handheld thermal scanner. Temperature checks are mandatory at entry and exit, and are conducted at intervals during the day.COVID-19 Coronavirus Fulfillment Center

A fulfillment centre employee undergoes temperature screening in Haryana.COVID-19 Coronavirus Fulfillment Center

Social distancing and temperature checks using infra-red thermometers are in effect at a Flipkart FC in Jaipur


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