#Sellfmade: From playschool teacher to online entrepreneur, inspired by Rocket Singh!

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Sumeet Kaur loved her job as a kindergarten teacher. But things changed dramatically in her life after she watched the Bollywood movie Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year. Inspired, she started her online business. After she began selling on Flipkart, Sumeet’s fortunes skyrocketed. And guess what she named her company? Rocket Sales Corp! Be inspired by this story of guts and determination.

Flipkart seller

Sumeet Kaur, Flipkart Seller from Delhi

As told to Jishnu Murali

I became a Flipkart seller in 2013. So far, the journey has been incredible. I am constantly working on expanding my business. People usually start online businesses and shut them down just as quickly. But I have been working for the past six years and I don’t feel like I’m in a rut. I started new categories and added new products — online selling has given me the freedom to sell in diverse categories.

Setting up a store offline would have been an expensive affair. The rent and material costs alone would amount to a small fortune. So I came up with the idea of selling online. As an online customer I was really curious about how everything worked. I went to people who were already into running online businesses and I learned from them. Selling online demands little from the sellers as compared to running an offline store. I really felt like the entire nation could be my market.

I started with beauty products and deodorants initially, products I could procure easily and at a low price. Then I moved on to selling perfumes, colognes and then shifted to health and wellness category as I discovered that more variety in products directly reflected in better sales numbers. So I started listing more and more products on Flipkart. Recently, I’ve even started selling Home Appliances.

Flipkart has always been ready to help whenever I’ve faced a problem. I attend webinars to get knowledge on various topics that I don’t know. I have been a Gold Seller ever since I started following Flipkart’s selling tips and category systems. My office is full of certificates.

I wanted our sales to go up like a rocket, and we belong to the Sikh community, who are honest and hardworking folk. The Bollywood movie ‘Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year’ which starred a Sikh man who scripted his success story from scratch, inspired me to name my company Rocket Sales Corp.

The growth I’ve experienced as a Flipkart seller is incredible. I started with just ₹10,000 and now my turnover is in crores.

Now I have my products listed on almost all the online platforms. I started on Flipkart and they’ve been really supportive in my entire online entrepreneurial journey. They even came to my place and helped me set up the business.

I’ve got big plans for The Big Billion Days sale this year. I have recently started selling in the Home Appliances category and I plan on listing as many products as I can. I have a business goal this year and it is to expand sales in the Home Appliances category.

My family has also taken an active interest in what I’m doing with Flipkart. My husband had a construction business. He fully supported me when I decided to have a business of my own. Even the kids helped me in their own little ways. They would make sure I wasn’t disturbed while working and started to care for themselves a little more, allowing me to focus on my dream. After a while, my husband wound up his business and started helping me full time. We now have one more company called Infinity Groups selling on Flipkart.

Being a teacher was a satisfying job. But there was a time when teaching in a play school simply couldn’t help me make ends meet. So I decided to start something of my own and to be a Flipkart seller is the best idea I’ve had.

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