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Flipkart Mobiles Exchange: Upgrade to your dream smartphone & get the best value for your old one!

Exchange your old phone for exciting offers on a brand new smartphone. Here’s an easy guide.

Flipkart Mobiles Exchange: Upgrade to your dream smartphone & get the best value for your old one!

Want to buy a new phone this festive season, but worried about what to do with your old phone? Or maybe you want to just upgrade to your dream smartphone but you want it for a better price? Flipkart’s Mobile Exchange program makes it super-easy. 

Through the festive season, you will not only get great discounts on India’s best-selling smartphones, you will also get the best exchange value on your old smartphones! Read about how Flipkart’s Mobile Exchange program makes buying your dream phone simpler and more affordable. 

Benefits of Flipkart’s Mobile Exchange Program:

  • Instant discount on your current purchase
  • Hassle-free doorstep pickup
  • Best Value Guaranteed

Through Flipkart’s Mobiles Exchange program, you can upgrade to your next mobile phone with better specifications at a much lower price. 

What’s Special this Festive Season?

Exchange phones in any working condition:

Flipkart will accept phones in any working condition this festive season.  This means you can even exchange phones with broken screens or other body damage. There is just one criteria that you need to follow — the mobile phone you want to exchange should be in working condition.  

Exchange any make or model or smartphone:

Flipkart will also accept old smartphones that other platforms don’t. If you don’t find your old smartphone on Flipkart’s phone exchange list, simply choose the ‘any other smartphone’ option. With this option, you can get a minimum ₹1,000 off on your current purchase. 

Exchange value will be based on condition and variant of the phone:

Previously, Flipkart used to offer a flat discount value on an old phone based on the brand and model, provided it met a minimum threshold of quality during the doorstep check. Now, you can get differential value based on the condition and variant of your phone, instead of a flat price based on the brand and model. This means that a higher variant of the phone in good condition will fetch you a higher exchange price. In this case, trained Flipkart delivery executives will arrive at your doorstep and grade the phones on different quality levels, in addition to routine IMEI checks. Old phones that are assessed as high quality devices will fetch additional discounts.

Here’s how you can exchange your mobile phone on Flipkart

  1. Select the smartphone you want to buy on your Flipkart app. Click on ‘Product Exchange’ below the offers section. 
  2. You will be prompted to enter the details of your old phone
    a) Click on Select Brand and pick the brand of the phone you want to exchange
    b) Select the model of the phone you want to exchange
    c) Enter the IMEI number of your old device 
  3. If you don’t see your brand or model on the list, simply select ‘Any other smartphone’ and follow the same steps as above. 
  4. Once you enter the details, you’ll see the exchange value of your old phone on the screen.
  5. If there is any additional exchange Bump Up offer for the new phone, that is also accounted for in the discounted amount shown on your screen.
  6. This  amount is deducted from the original price of the new phone. 
  7. Complete the purchase of your new phone at the discounted price.

Once you place your order via the exchange option, at the time of delivery of new phone, a trained Flipkart executive will verify the IMEI number, screen and overall condition of the phone that you are exchanging. Based on the old phone meeting the condition criteria, the Flipkart executive will Grade the Phone.

If your old phone meets all the condition criteria, the delivery executive will pick up the old phone and deliver the new phone at the same time. If, in case, your phone does not meet all required criteria, the value of your old  phone will decrease. 

Here’s what you can do if your phone does not meet all the exchange requirements:

  1. You can go ahead with the purchase with the new exchange value as per the grading: 

You can still exchange your phone by paying the difference amount between the old exchange value (deducted from the new phone price) and the new price shared by the delivery agent after grading.  Once the payment is done, the delivery executive will pick up your old phone and deliver your new phone on the spot. 

  1. You can buy your  new phone without the exchange value discount 

If you do not agree with the exchange value during grading, but still want to buy the new phone, you can do so by just paying the exchange amount that was deducted from the price of your new phone.

  1. You can reject the order

If you don’t wish to go ahead with the purchase, you can inform the delivery executive and the order will be deemed cancelled. The amount paid for the phone will be refunded to your account as per Flipkart’s cancellation policy.

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Enjoy shopping on Flipkart

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