How Flipkart & Ekart worked some Harry Potter magic!

Nobody expects presents on a Sunday, a weekly holiday for most logistics services. But this was no ordinary Sunday, it was a Harry Potter Sunday. Ekart's wishmasters delivered Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to hundreds of Flipkart customers on Day 0. Read their expressions of delight.

Harry Potter

July 31 was a Sunday. A day when nobody expects mail. Or courier. Or parcels. Or surprises. Not even Potterheads, as inveterate fans of Harry Potter are called, expected to receive their pre-order copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the latest from the franchise of billionaire author J K Rowling.

Thousands of Harry Potter fans had pre-ordered the book on Flipkart as early as March 2016. As the D-Day approached, butterflies fluttered in everybody’s stomachs.

On July 31, Flipkart and Ekart pulled off one of the biggest magic tricks in the book. Ekart’s Wishmasters delivered over 65% of pre-orders in the top four metros on Day 0, leaving hundreds of customers charmed!

How did Flipkart and Ekart pull it off? Oh, just an old trick we perfected at Hogwarts!

Read these expressions of delight from our beloved customers!


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