#OneInABillion: Single mom, biker girl — Wishmaster Manisha is fearless!

When her married life fell apart, Manisha Roy went into depression. But when she realized that her son needed her, she decided to seek help, determined to recover. While slowly picking herself up, she found a job as a Flipkart Wishmaster. Today, she attributes her recovery and the ability to build a good life to her son and her work. Read her inspiring story.

In Siliguri, West Bengal, Flipkart Wishmaster Manisha Roy is delivering happiness and creating a better life for her family. This is her #OneInABillion story.

I am a single mother doing my best to create a safe and sound future for my son.

I live with my parents, my sister and my son in Siliguri, West Bengal. My parents run an evening shop selling delicacies to tourists and locals.

I studied till 10th standard before marrying a man I loved deeply. But when the marriage turned abusive, my son and I left for my parents’ home.

After separating from my husband, I went into depression. I was curled up at home, oblivious to everything in the world, sometimes even my son’s needs. Although it was difficult, I knew I had to get better, especially for my son. That’s when I decided to get a job.

I came across the role of a Flipkart Wishmaster through a friend. She was working as a Wishmaster at the time. I applied too. I didn’t know much about the job, but with training and guidance, I was soon on the road delivering packages.

It’s been a long road, but now, I am able to financially support my son and myself, and sometimes, even my parents in whatever way possible.

My job allows me to meet new people every day. Talking to people, new and familiar, has helped me heal so much.


I have been with Flipkart for almost 1.5 years now. Last year, The Big Billion Days sale was my first. It was really good! I was earning a lot and making as many deliveries as I could. It was challenging but I managed it well.

The locality that I deliver in faces frequent network issues. Sometimes it happens when I’m calling a customer too. But I manage to deliver on time regardless.

I feel lucky that I have such a supportive team at the hub. We work together to meet our goals every day. Whenever I get some time after work, I make plans with my girlfriends to visit nearby places. Siliguri is known for its breathtaking scenery, and we make the most of it.

My cousin taught me how to ride a motorcycle during the pandemic, on my father’s bike. I love riding motorcycles, especially a Royal Enfield Bullet! But my parents worry, so now I do it discreetly. Some of my friends own Bullets, so I take it for a spin whenever I get a chance.

I couldn’t finish my studies — that’s one regret that I’ll always carry with me. But I know this for sure — I want a better future for my son. I work hard every day to make sure of that. I want him to be proud of his mother — a single mother.

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