#OneInABillion: Of chance encounters and better prospects

Mohammed Imran is the sole earning member of his family. He tells us about a chance meeting with a Flipkart Wishmaster that led to a life-changing decision for him. Read on to find out how he grew to become a favorite with Flipkart customers in Ranchi, and their go-to for all things related to The Big Billion Days.

Flipkart Kirana Partner

In Ranchi, Jharkhand, Flipkart Kirana partner Mohammed Imran is a favorite among customers. Here’s his #OneInABillion story. 

I live with two brothers and three sisters, my parents, wife and two kids. I am the oldest sibling. I studied up to matriculation in Guru Nanak School here in Ranchi, and my first job was with a motor pump company. I had to work really long hours and payment was low. Sometimes, I would get my salary two months late. Around the same time, I had also just opened my own store.

One day, as I was standing outside the shop, I happened to see a Flipkart wishmaster who had come to deliver packages. I went ahead and asked him how he liked his job. He told me that it was definitely easier than what I was doing. So I asked him for details, he told me everything that I needed to know and put me in touch with the right people. I had to undergo some formalities and training. That’s it – there has been no turning back since then. Payments come in on time and that’s a relief since it helps me plan things for the house.

I wake up at 6 am everyday, head to work, pick up my parcels for the day, and come home for breakfast. Then I’m on the field, and try to finish as early as possible. I finish work, and come back and run my store. It is a small store where we sell chocolates, biscuits, etc. Sometimes, my youngest sister takes care of the store since there is an entrance to the store from my house.

I grew up in Ranchi, so I know the city really well. Most of the time, I am able to recognise Flipkart customers when I see the addresses. They like me as well. They tell me that it makes things easy for them when I know them and the locality and don’t call them incessantly. I also know most of the people who live in my locality, and this makes things very convenient for me. Sometimes, customers feel comfortable enough to ask me to keep their parcel in my store if they are not at home, and come pick it up when they are back.

Flipkart Kirana Partner

This year, customers began asking me about The Big Billion Days quite a few days ago! Everyone has been waiting for the sale.

I have been a part of three Big Billion Days so far. We wait for TBBD every year. There is a minimum of 200 to 250 parcels that I deliver in a day, and my income also increases. I have already started preparing myself mentally to do a good job. I have also been telling my family members to hang on – there are some things that need to be done, and I have told them to just wait for BBD when my income is bound to increase. This year, I will use the money to send both my children to a better school.

The energy in our hub is great. We are all rallying to encourage the new wishmasters. We have been telling them how to go about delivering packages, and also to call us if they face any issues since we have been doing this for a while. Teamwork really matters, and we are all looking forward to TBBD.

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