Runner, entrepreneur, mother: Flipkart Seller Dipti Chadha’s unstoppable journey

After years of focusing on nurturing her family, Dipti Chadha found herself drawn towards a new horizon — the path of entrepreneurship. Dipti's zeal and resourcefulness led to her taking her husband's business online, bringing in not just success but also the satisfaction of following her dreams, all while supporting her family. Read her story.


Jalandhar, a bustling city in the northern state of Punjab, is known for its rich cultural heritage and thriving commercial activities – mainly leather and sports goods. The city, with its blend of tradition and modernity, is the ideal backdrop for Dipti Chadha‘s journey of homemaker to entrepreneur.

Born and raised in Patiala and married to a man from Jalandhar, Punjab, for long, Dipti’s life revolved around taking care of her family. Often, her own dreams buried and on the back burner. “I did a double post-graduation in commerce and was always interested in working so that I could contribute to the economy,” Dipti recalls. “But I got married right after my studies, luckily to someone from a business family. However, my in-laws were not really into the idea of me getting into the workforce. So it took me many years before I could pursue what I wanted to.”

It was during the COVID-19 lockdown that Dipti began to nurture the idea of becoming an entrepreneur. “During the lockdown, while everyone was exploring new avenues of creativity, I was observing how small businesses were taking root online. I liked the idea and I also did not want to live with regrets about what I could have done with my life. So I made a plan and decided to follow my dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, and discussed it with my husband Nitush,” she fondly recollects.


Dipti’s ambition equals Nitush’s boundless zest for life, forging a dynamic collaboration fueled by determination and passion. Dipti recalls, “My drive to do something in life coupled with his strong support propelled me forward”. Fast forward to today, Dipti is an entrepreneur in her own right and runs the e-commerce vertical of her husband’s 25-year-old footwear business, bringing in an annual turnover of over Rs. 50 crore.

“I started with Flipkart. I was anxious in the beginning and my orders were 4 to 5 in the initial days. I gathered more insights and marketing strategies from my Flipkart account manager to scale my business. In just a few months, it grew to 400 to 500 orders a day and now it stands at 1000 to 1400 orders a day,” Dipti beams with excitement. “I still remember the first day I received more than 1000 orders – I celebrated like anything! It was a dream come true.”

Dipti also discovered the potential that Flipkart’s Big Billion Days could have on her business. However, this was soon after she onboarded to Flipkart in late 2021. She realized that time was short to fully utilize the opportunity and prepared for the following year. Armed with the knowledge she gained from her account manager and support from her team members, she powered through, pulling in orders in thousands.

“I was not expecting this peak in orders. It was challenging. But my team stood by me, cooperating and working night shifts to help get the orders out. I realized in the midst of it all that if we want to, we can. The team work was amazing!” Dipti explains.

Dipti ensures she has a good understanding of what customers want and what they appreciate about the products. “Whenever I open my seller portal, I always go through customer ratings and reviews. And most of the time it’s positive. They often call out how the footwear is of great quality and are affordable. I also love going through their shared pictures and videos. It’s inspiring in itself.”

Recalling her conversation with her Flipkart account manager, she says, “One of the crucial lessons I learnt was that if the products have uncompromised quality, customers always return for more. And we provide just that.”


Not only are Dipti and Nitush partners in business, they also inspire each other to focus on their wellbeing, and share a passion for running. Dipti and her husband embraced running as a shared hobby, making it an integral part of their daily routine. Their joint efforts led them to participate in numerous races, where Dipti distinguished herself by earning multiple medals.

Reflecting on their running endeavors, Dipti acknowledges the competitive spirit between them on the track, pushing each other to excel. “Running alongside Nitush has been an exhilarating experience. We challenge each other, driving ourselves to new heights,” she remarks.

Together, Dipti and Nitush have three children. “My two teenage daughters and young son need my time and attention. Despite a hectic schedule, I prioritize assisting them in getting ready for school and strive to carve out quality time for them every day after work. Being my own boss enables me to better manage my time, ensuring both my personal and professional responsibilities are well met.”

“As a woman,” Dipti says, “the responsibilities are sky high. It’s challenging but that’s the thing – I love challenges.”

Drawing from her own experience, Dipti adds, “To all women and girls out there: there’s no room for regrets! You’ve got the power to make things happen. You just need to start small, start somewhere – everyone does. There will be failures along the way but embrace them; they’re just stepping stones. Keep pushing forward. Just never stop. You’ve got this!”

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