A letter from Varanasi: Wishmaster Vishnu Kumar shares his #OneInABillion journey

Vishnu Kumar recalls his younger days spent along the river Ganga in Varanasi. A dreamer at heart, he credits the many poets that the city was and is home to for his love for words. As a Flipkart Wishmaster, Vishnu aims to make the city more of a home for himself and his family by building a house. Read on as he shares his #OneInABillion story.

I grew up here in Varanasi and live here with my father Vijay Kumar, mother Durga Devi and older brother Aditya. I graduated from Banaras Hindu University (BHU), with a B.A (Hindi honors). I went to a rozgar mela, found out about a vacancy in Flipkart, and took up this job in first mile.

Varanasi is such a beautiful place, with the ghats, and the university (BHU). What I like the most about this place are the poets that are associated with this city, like Kabirdas, Tulsidas and Ravidas. They were social reformers who wrote about what they observed, not just what they imagined, and never discriminated against any set of people. I have read about them in college too. They’ve written such beautiful poems, and it makes me very happy to think that they might have written on these very ghats, while sitting on the banks and watching the boats go by.

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I have noticed that people can progress fast in the logistics sector, and also that there is a lot to learn. People tell you how to get better if you have doubts. They will explain it till you have fully understood it. I want to build my own identity in the e-commerce industry.

I have seen my manager Sunil Mishra. He has an idea of everything that is happening in Varanasi. I want to progress and become like him – I want to be an Area Manager one day.


There used to be melas when I was younger and I used to run around the fairs. I still have the same friends I had when I was younger, and we meet when we are all free. My Varanasi is also developing a lot. I have grown up running around on the ghats. Every time I had holidays or free days, I used to spend them on the ghats with my friends.

I used to write a little bit of poetry when I was in college, but the situation at home deteriorated. My father used to work at a factory, and quit when his health deteriorated. My brother Aditya drives a school bus, and my mother works in BHU.

I really wanted to be there for my family, and decided to start working. We were brought up with the idea that if you are a boy, you have to take care of your family. But I still read books – mostly poetry – when I find the time to.

I have been in Flipkart for 5 years and I’ve seen a lot of the past Big Billion Days. I really like it because there is so much energy, I sometimes lose track of time. We also have new people usually, so I enjoy teaching them, showing them the routes and other details. That makes me feel good.

In Varanasi, there are lots of people selling Banarasi sarees, and even electrical items on Flipkart. The sellers make sure they pack the products safely and hand it over to us. We scan them and then bring it to be sent to the rest of India.

I know one of the sellers and have observed his success. Earlier, only people in my neighborhood used to buy from him. But now his products get delivered all across India – it makes me also happy to see him progress!

I have thought about also becoming a Flipkart seller, along with what I do currently. Anything is possible with e-commerce.

My dream is to build my family a nice house, right here in Varanasi. They have sacrificed so much for me, and I wouldn’t be here without them.

I want to live here since I love this city. As a resident, I welcome everyone to witness the magic of the ghats. And for anybody visiting Varanasi for the first time, I would recommend a visit to the Kachori gully, and also to have the city’s famous paan!

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