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Vishnu Sreekumar

Putting the vocal in local: How Flipkart’s voice assistant is transforming the grocery shopping experience

Thanks to its ability to understand local dialects, variations, colloquial terms, and even mixed language commands, Flipkart’s voice assistant feature has made buying groceries on Flipkart as intuitive as buying it from a neighborhood store. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, deep neural networks, and cutting-edge natural language processing technology, it aims to democratize online shopping for millions of customers across the country. Find out how a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, designers and researchers built a uniquely Indian shopping assistant that’s helping every customer shop with ease.
Team Flipkart Stories

Talk to your app to buy groceries: 5 simple steps to shop using Flipkart voice assistant

Simple, convenient, and natural, Flipkart’s voice assistant makes online shopping easier than ever before. Using it, you can shop for essentials easily and quickly—just like you would when talking to your neighborhood shopkeeper! Thanks to an intuitive AI platform that detects your every command, you can start shopping simply by conversing in Hindi, English or even an intuitive mix of the two. Read on to know how to use this innovative feature.