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Human Greatness inspires the new Flipkart office

Human Greatness inspires the new Flipkart office

An office space designed to drive innovation – Welcome to Flipkart’s Brand New World


Seven years ago Sachin and Binny Bansal started their entrepreneurial journey in a small two-bedroom apartment in the back alleys of Koramangala, Bangalore. Back then, no one would have imagined that their brainchild would one day become India’s largest online marketplace. Flipkart, one of the most fascinating stories in Indian business, deserved a new address.

The new Flipkart office stands testimony to a bold journey that has changed and inspired the way India shops. And you get a sense of it from the minute you step into the new facility.

At the reception, a large digital map of India projects a live feed of real-time orders being placed across the country. It is a perfect metaphor for the dynamic place that one is stepping into. The reception, with an elegantly located Flipkart logo on the ceiling, has a beautifully hand painted background wall showing the entire life cycle of an order—resonating with Flipkart’s core belief of customer satisfaction.

The new office building has 11 floors, each with a unique character of its own. From Science to Sports and Fashion to Music, each floor is designed and inspired by human greatness in various fields.

Here’s a quick sneak-peek at the new Flipkart office.

Wouldn’t you love to work here? Don’t waste any time getting in touch with friends and former colleagues who’d love to refer you. And if you’d rather apply on your own, head over to our careers site.










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