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This story was written and edited by the Flipkart Stories Editorial Team. To reach out to us with comments or requests, or to alert us to issues, please contact us on Facebook or Twitter, or use the contact form.
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Epic by Sonata – how the Titan-Flipkart partnership promises style on a budget

With millions of Indian customers who already view Sonata as a trusted brand synonymous with reliability, Epic by Sonata promises to appeal to the discerning young customer that seeks style and quality on a budget. In this #PowerOfPartnership Q&A, Suparna Mitra, Chief Executive Officer - Watches & Wearables, Titan, explains what partnering with Flipkart means in terms of bringing in a new cohort of customers into the fold.
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Get, set, shop! Your guide to using Flipkart EGVs or Gift Cards

If a loved one has gifted you a Flipkart Electronic Gift Voucher, or you've bought it for easier checkout on Flipkart, or even won it by participating in the many contests, there’s always more shopping to be done! Having trouble making the best use of your Gift Card? Here’s all you need to know about using your Flipkart EGV.
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With a 20 million customer base, Flipkart Plus is redefining loyalty and making it more rewarding

As Flipkart Plus, Flipkart’s unique loyalty program, grows 100% year on year, Prakash Sikaria, Senior Vice President, Growth and Monetisation at Flipkart, reiterates the vision powering it
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In Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, women artisans weave prosperity with Flipkart Samarth

Watch as three women artisans tell us how Flipkart Samarth and e-commerce opened windows of opportunity, boosted their craft and income, and gave them access to a customer base they never imagined they’d reach. 
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Watch: How Flipkart Quick fulfills its 90-minute delivery promise safely

A hyperlocal service, Flipkart Quick is turbocharging e-commerce in a way never seen before — even during the pandemic. Watch the video.
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Loyal Flipkart Customer? Reward yourself with the benefits of Flipkart Plus!

There’s no better feeling than getting more than your money’s worth. So make sure you’ve saved room for a lot extra. Reward yourself with a slew of benefits with Flipkart Plus, a one-of-a-kind no-fee customer benefits program with a wide range of benefits and rewards. And absolutely no strings attached.
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Flipkart SuperCoins: Everything you need to know about the multi-brand reward ecosystem

All your questions about Flipkart SuperCoins answered! Read on to know all the benefits you can reap with Flipkart SuperCoins.
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Flipkart x OPPO: How a strong partnership enabled the global brand to connect with a diverse Indian market

There’s little doubt about OPPO’s strategy and success in the Indian market, making it one of the most-loved brands in the country. Now, as smartphones become a necessity the world over amid the pandemic, the global smartphone maker's partnership with Flipkart is enabling it to reach deeper into the diverse Indian market. Damyant Singh Khanoria, Chief Marketing Officer for OPPO India, talks about the launch of OPPO Reno 6, the strengthening partnership with Flipkart, and its positive impact on both the brands and customers across the nation.
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In Andhra Pradesh, handloom weavers preserve century-old traditions and thrive with Flipkart Samarth

For generations, communities in Andhra Pradesh have painstakingly kept alive the ancient Indian tradition of handloom weaving. An intricate process, these garments take days to produce. Additionally, the weavers face multiple challenges in selling their products and earning a sustainable living. In late 2020, APCO, the apex body for weaver societies, joined hands with Flipkart Samarth to bring the state’s handloom products into the e-commerce fold. Now, not only do the weavers have access to a pan-India customer base and better incomes, they’re also learning to incorporate market insights to design and create products that cater to this audience.
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When a father pinned his hopes on e-commerce, Flipkart customer support executive Ayesha stepped up to deliver!

To ensure safety and keep his son’s spirits upbeat amid the COVID-19 lockdown, one father in Chennai pinned his hopes on Flipkart. He ordered a special birthday gift for his son, but when rising cases and an impending lockdown threatened to delay the order, he reached out for help. Working against the clock, Flipkart customer support executive Ayesha ensured that the delightful gift reached the family on time. Here’s the story.