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Epic by Sonata – how the Titan-Flipkart partnership promises style on a budget

With millions of Indian customers who already view Sonata as a trusted brand synonymous with reliability, Epic by Sonata promises to appeal to the discerning young customer that seeks style and quality on a budget. In this #PowerOfPartnership Q&A, Suparna Mitra, Chief Executive Officer - Watches & Wearables, Titan, explains what partnering with Flipkart means in terms of bringing in a new cohort of customers into the fold.
Sophia Stephen

With Flipkart Samarth, Punjab’s women artisans hope for a post-pandemic business revival

The world had shifted online, but these women artisans had not.’ When the pandemic led to a near-complete halt in sales and incomes of Punjab’s women artisans, the self-help groups they belonged to turned to e-commerce. With training, multiple benefits, and an introduction to the world of online business, the women are optimistic that their handmade and original designs will receive the recognition they deserve and lead to better lives and days ahead.