Fast and Curious: Karishma Singh’s #OneInABillion story

Karishma Singh’s career goals brought her far away from home, but also enabled her to be a part of the bigger and brighter future she dreamed of for herself. A post-graduate in Chemistry, she dreams of pursuing her PhD while also continuing to be a part of an exciting industry that piques her curiosity. Read on as this Team Lead from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, shares her #OneInABillion journey.

One In A Billion

I am from Arrah, Bihar, where my parents and two younger brothers live. I graduated and did my M.Sc in Chemistry from Patna, and came to Varanasi to undergo training for a job in the banking sector. But then the pandemic struck, and jobs were really hard to come by. I took up a role as a clerk in a university here. I had been looking for a change because I wanted to be a part of something bigger, and discovered there was an opening in Flipkart.

I joined Flipkart just a month before the previous Big Billion Days, and it was in a smaller hub. I got to see all the excitement of the period, but without any pressure on me since I was a newcomer. But this year, I am a Team Leader in a much bigger hub, and we began planning for this season months in advance and I have been a part of it all.

Although I studied science, what I really like about my work in e-commerce is that I never get bored. I am in a multi-functional role as a team leader, and nothing is ever repetitive since I get to explore various aspects of operation.

I learn a lot through this role – be it system work, team management or even handling the work-force – there is always support from my team. I didn’t need to use excel and data so much in my previous jobs, but I really need to be on top of my game here for this role, and my colleagues played a huge role in supporting me.

One In A Billion

I think the most important thing I have learnt is patience. We are a sizable team, so this really plays a big role in ensuring things run smoothly. I feel like if you manage to work in a role like this, the learnings will also spill over into your personal life.

Personally, I am a ‘fast-and-furious’ kind of person. But if you see me on the floor, you would never know, because I enjoy being this patient version of myself.

I aim to grow step-by-step in Flipkart, and continue to learn as I grow. On the personal front, I am planning to do a Phd in Chemistry. I put in at least 2-2.5 hours of studying every day after work. Sometimes it tires me, and my managers ask me to take care if I am too exhausted, but I am determined to study and work.

People think women are not a common sight in the supply chain, but I never feel out of place in this hub. I know I am here because of my skills and my abilities – we are strong women who are capable of anything! Our involvement in this edition of the Big Billion Days will only be a testament to it.

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