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8 things to do this Valentine’s Day if you’re single & loving it!


This Valentine’s Day, take some time to pamper that one person who’s always got your back — you. Celebrate your singlehood and we’ll help make your quality me-time even better with this fun list.

8 things to do this Valentine’s Day if you’re single & loving it!

St. Valentine’s day is around the corner and ‘significant others’ are racing to make dinner reservations, hunting for that perfect gift, booking flight tickets to a fun vacation spot and a brave few are even planning elaborate proposals. But what about the single souls out there? You know you don’t need anyone else to have fun — and we’ll help make your quality me-time even better with this fun list. So go ahead, celebrate yourself and give Valentine’s Day a whole new meaning.

Hustle for that muscle

Valentine’s Day

While the lovebirds are busy living it up this Valentine’s Day, use the time to sweat it out another way —  hit the gym! Working out, for starters, flushes your body with endorphins, aka the happy chemicals. If you lack the motivation to get started, gear up: Comfortable shoes, your own water bottle, gloves, wireless earphones and most importantly, loose and comfortable clothing should be at the top of your priority list.

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Travel is a healthy addiction

Valentine’s Day

Who says you need a soul mate to travel the world? Get your friends together and take off — set up camp away from the hustle and bustle of the city and unwind. For those bitten by the travel bug, here are a few things to ensure that all goes well during the course of your trip.

  1. Camping tents
  2. A handy backpack for your travel essentials
  3. Flashlights
  4. Power bank
  5. Portable USB LED lights

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Just sleep on it

Valentine’s Day

Admit it, whether you’re single or not, a good night’s sleep is one of your favorite things. While most of us don’t need an excuse to sleep in, why not make it extra special on this particular day? Treat yourself to just the right comforter — one that isn’t too scratchy or too thick — snuggle up, unperturbed by the outside world, and call it a pretty great night!

Get your daily dose of cuddles

Valentine’s Day

It’s scientifically been proven that cuddling kills depression, relieves anxiety and boosts your immune system. For those who enjoy cuddling and pets just don’t cut it, here’s the boyfriend pillow. It’s available for both men and women.

Wash away your troubles with bubbles

Valentine’s Day

For centuries, a long and hot bath has known to be a natural remedy for relieving stress, aches and pains of muscles and joints. So run a hot bubble bath, add some soothing salts, light a few scented candles and just stay there for a couple of hours in deep relaxation. Trust us. It’s addictive.

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Lose yourself in a classic novel

Valentine’s Day

Love to read but just haven’t had the time to read lately? Take some time off for yourself and dig into this classic with a visually enthralling twist — Manga Classics – Pride and Prejudice. Or take a pick from an endless collection of books here.

A clean place is a happy space

Valentine’s Day

If you’re the obsessive type who needs everything to be spick and span, you may find yourself itching to catch up on chores at home when all your ‘committed’ friends are out spending time with their partner(s). Here’s what you’ll need to make sure you’re ready to tackle this task.

  1. Cleaning Gloves
  2. Cleaning Brushes
  3. Mops
  4. Floor Cleaning Liquids

Keep calm and watch TV

Valentine’s Day

Some of us are very happy being couch potatoes this time of year, and not just those single on Valentine’s Day. Why not have a big TV to binge-watch your favorite movies and TV shows? Get a popcorn maker too and treat yourself to a movie night.

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