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Applied Innovation Challenges – #BIG10Innovation Tweetchat with Amar Nagaram

Submit your questions for the #BIG10Innovation tweetchat on Applied Innovation Challenges with Amar Nagaram, Vice President of Engineering at Flipkart, on Tuesday, June 13, 2017. The 3 best questions and the 3 best answers win Flipkart vouchers

Applied Innovation Challenges – #BIG10Innovation Tweetchat with Amar Nagaram

Everybody’s talking about innovation, but what gets Amar Nagaram, Vice President of Engineering at Flipkart talking is Applied Innovation. If you didn’t catch up on the @FlipkartStories #BIG10Innovation Tweetchat from 3 PM to 4 PM on June 13, 2017 for a conversation on “Applied Innovation Challenges”, here’s a quick update on what you missed.

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Question submissions for the Applied Innovation Challenges tweetchat are now closed. The chat began at 3 PM on Tuesday, June 13, 2017. Here’s a quick-view of what transpired during the event:

#BIG10Innovation Tweetchat with Amar Nagaram

What is Applied Innovation, really?

Innovation typically brings to mind grand visions of driverless cars, Hyperloop, and such. But what does Applied Innovation mean, specifically for India?

“In this country, innovation really means making your app work on a bad network, making room for it on a $50 device, and still win the customer’s trust as he or she goes through with the transaction,” says Amar.

Case in point: A significant amount of engineering innovation has gone into making the Flipkart app light in terms of size, processing speed and battery usage. “We are at a stage when we have defined the app’s DNA — Device, Network and Applications,” says Amar Nagaram.

On the average $50 device, only about seven apps are accommodated within the Indian customer’s attention span. Apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp and TrueCaller occupy the top three spots — they are usually never uninstalled — and consume the most resources in terms of computing power, storage and battery life. 

“Despite all of these challenges, the Flipkart app was the first Indian app to cross 50 million downloads,” says Amar Nagaram. “It is the e-commerce app with the highest attention span. We are significantly ahead of our competition — users spend close to an hour in a month on our app, compared to 27 minutes for our competition, and with significantly low resource usage.”  

Hear more about the challenges straight from Amar during the #BIG10Innovation Tweetchat.



About Amar Nagaram

Amar Nagaram is the Vice President of Engineering at Flipkart. He heads Customer Shopping Experience Engineering & Catalog Engineering, developing products that redefine the shopping experience online. He is passionate about building Mobile and Progressive Web products from the ground-up to deliver superior value and user experience to the end consumer. He is equally passionate about building great teams. He believes in a design language that prefers “People over Pixels”. He is excited about startups that are solving challenging problems for emerging markets and works with many such start-ups, mentoring them on all things Mobile. He is also an adviser to startups. 

Prior to Flipkart, Amar worked at WalmartLabs where he was involved in strategy development for Walmart’s next generation e-commerce platform. He was also instrumental in setting up its India center of excellence. Amar tweets at @_Amar_N.

How to participate in the #BIG10Innovation Tweetchat

In order to maintain a smooth and free-flowing conversation, only pre-selected questions will be answered during the chat. The 3 best audience questions will be selected to win Flipkart electronic gift vouchers of ₹500 each. 

Amar will ask three questions to the audience during the #BIG10Innovation tweetchat. The 3 best answers tweeted in during the tweetchat will win Flipkart electronic gift vouchers of ₹500 each. 


  • To participate in the #BIG10Innovation tweetchat, or just listen in, log into your Twitter account and follow the hashtag #BIG10Innovation. If you are already logged into Twitter, you can participate in the chat from the Twitter chat window right here at the top of this page, or from a desktop or mobile device.
  • The #BIG10Innovation tweetchat with Amar Nagaram begins at 3 pm IST on Tuesday, June 13, 2017. The chat takes place in real-time. 
  • Pre-selected audience questions will be posted by the @FlipkartStories Twitter account and tagged with your Twitter ID during the live tweetchat. 
  • Panelist Amar Nagaram (@_Amar_N) will answer the selected questions. 
  • The best 3 audience questions selected by Amar Nagaram will be awarded ₹500 each in Flipkart Electronic Gift Vouchers (EGVs). The decision of the panelist and @FlipkartStories is final in this regard. 
  • Only pre-selected questions are eligible to receive a Flipkart EGV giveaway. 
  • You may also ask questions during the live tweetchat. Live questions may or may not be answered at the discretion of the panelist. 
  • During the tweetchat, Amar will ask 3 live audience questions from the @FlipkartStories account. To respond to a question, please reply to the tweet with the prefix A(x) and the hashtag #BIG10Innovation.
    • E.g. To question Q1, please prefix your reply with #BIG10Innovation A1, followed by your answer. 
  • The best 3 audience answers will be selected by @FlipkartStories to be awarded Flipkart Electronic Gift Vouchers (EGVs) worth ₹500 each. The decision of the panelist and @FlipkartStories is final in this regard. 
  • Visit this page at 3 pm on June 13, 2017 to participate live in the tweetchat. 
  • You may also participate by logging into your Twitter account on your desktop or mobile device and searching for hashtag #BIG10Innovation.
  • The best 3 audience questions and the best 3 audience answers will be announced on this page and on the @FlipkartStories Twitter account within 120 minutes of the closure of the tweetchat. 
  • Winners will be contacted over email and/or Twitter by the Flipkart Stories team and their identities shall be verified before prizes are awarded.

This is the second of the #BIG10Innovation Tweetchat series in Flipkart’s Month of Innovation. If you missed the June 6 tweetchat with Ravi Garikipati on “Building an Innovation Culture”, view the archive.

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