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How to track your Flipkart order

Wondering what’s happening with your Big Billion Days purchase? Here’s an easy guide to help you track your order

How to track your Flipkart order

What’s more exciting than taking advantage of all the incredible deals during the sale? Getting your order delivered, of course!

We’ve all found ourselves wringing our hands, pacing the floor and figuring out who to call for an update on our order when a week goes by and neither our doorbell rings nor our office landline buzzes to inform us of a package that’s come just for us. Flipkart’s thought it through for us and launched a novel order-tracking mechanism that’s sure to put all our doubts to rest. Welcome to Track Your Order! Available right on the Flipkart mobile app, this feature helps you understand exactly how your order is being processed and when it has been sent out for delivery. Here’s how it works.

Step 1:
Place your order. Whether you’ve opted to pay by net banking or your credit or debit card or you’ve chosen the cash on delivery option, the app will automatically take you to the Tracking page.

Step 2:
In case you want to access the Tracking page later, simply click on the upper right hand corner of the Flipkart mobile app. See the stack of three dots? Just tap right there and you’ll get a drop down menu with a host of options. Click on the second option – My Orders.

Step 3:
Once you tap My Orders, you’ll see a screen where everything you have ordered is listed. Simply scroll down to see all the goodies you asked for.

Step 4:
Under the image and name of the product you’ve ordered, you’ll see a straight line that graphs the delivery cycle. This cycle has four steps – Approval, Processing, Shipping and Delivery.

Step 5:
You’ll see that the stage your order is in has been highlighted in green for your convenience. For example, if your order has been Approved, this word will be highlighted in green on the graph and you’ll also see the words: Approved under your product name. If your order, after approval, is currently being processed, you’ll see a small tick mark over the words Approval and a small circular mark over the word Processing.

Step 6:
Want to get right down to the brass tacks? No problem. You’ll also see the delivery date mentioned right under your order name, so that you know exactly when to expect your order.

Step 7:
Want to do more than just tracking? All you need to do for more options is to simply tap your order. You’ll see a more detailed tracking screen which lets you know when you placed you order, the total amount or cost, the details of where the order updates will be sent (your phone number and email id) as well as box which lets you know how many days are left for your order to be delivered. For example: 10 days left to reach you.
This page will also tell you exactly what kind of discount you have received and information regarding shipping fees, if any, as well as your chosen delivery address.

Step 8:
One of the most important options you’ll see here is called Manage Your Order. This option either lets you Cancel your order or connects you with the Flipkart Help Centre under the Need Help? Option.

Step 9:
Tap Need Help? to get immediate assistance on your order, cancellations, returns, payments, etc. with numerous options to help you out in case you have a query or issue.

Step 10:
Changed your mind? No problem. Tap on Cancel Order to request a cancellation and select the options on the page to go about this process with ease.

It really is this simple, so as you buckle down to shop during this Big Billion Days Sale, leave your worrying aside!

Enjoy shopping on Flipkart

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