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Thomson LED Smart TV — the finest entertainment experience

Where can you find the richest entertainment experience outside the cinema? French consumer company Thomson launched their latest range of Smart LED TVs on April 13, 2018. The flash sale on Flipkart was an immense success and the TVs literally sold out in a flash

Thomson LED Smart TV — the finest entertainment experience

Ever since the Lumiere brothers created history with the moving picture, going to the cinema has always been exciting. If you pay a small fortune, you get to enjoy an auditory and visual experience that you can’t possibly get anywhere else… up until now. Why not just invest to have that experience in your living room, without having to brush up on your French? That’s what the latest Thomson Smart LED TV is designed to do.

Thomson Smart LED TV

French consumer brand Thomson, owned by Technicolor SA, France, unveiled their latest range of LED Smart TVs for the Indian TV market. The Smart TVs were launched in a flash sale on Flipkart on April 13, 2018. The TVs sold out in a flash. Thomson’s strategic partnership with Noida-based SPPL (Super Plastronics Private Ltd), aligned the launch with “Make in India” to generate employment and contribute to the Indian economy.    

With this launch, Thomson made a comeback and aims to grab up to 7% of the Indian TV market share and to be the leading Smart TV brand in India.

“Replicating our strategy for smartphones, this launch marries well into our commitment of driving innovation in the market while we continue to be India’s most trusted destination for TVs,” said Sandeep Karwa, Head of TV and Large Appliances, Flipkart.

The latest range of Thomson Smart LED TVs are available in 3 sizes (32-inch, 40-inch & 43-inch). Explore the Thomson store.

Discover the Thomson Smart LED TV in 32-inch & 40-inch screen sizes

Thomson Smart LED TV

To give you a premium cinematic experience, the latest Thomson Smart LED TVs boast of an innovative design and great functionality. Capable of supporting multiple multimedia formats (MP3, WMA, AC3 and MPEG2, MPEG4 (H.264) Video Coding), these TVs ensure that you enjoy an enriching entertainment experience. With Miracast®, an a leading industry-wide solution that enables technology to work across device types, connecting these TVs to other devices is a piece of croissant. Miracast® enables you to enjoy easy and fast connection among TVs, smartphones and tablets without wires, enabling easy transfer and sharing of your digital contents right on the TV screen.

Nothing interesting on regular TV programming? Pas de problem! The Thomson LED Smart TVs give you easy access to YouTube, just so so you can surf unlimited video content. This slim TV also has a super-thin bezel design, giving you a one-of-a-kind viewing experience.

The voice clarity on the Thomson LED Smart TV has been refined to ensure that sound envelops you in an emotionally enriching experience. With 20W output, you hear music and dialogue with greater clarity and separation.

Thomson Smart LED TV

Multiple external inputs, including USB and HDMI ports among others, support a range of peripheral devices, for faster and easier content sharing and device connectivity.

Thomson 43-inch 4k Smart TV — Immerse yourself in entertainment

To add to the rich entertainment experience promised by the 32 & 40-inch Smart TVs, the Thomson’s 43-inch 4k Smart TV boasts a UHD Entertainment Experience producing all shades of light & natural colors to create an immersive viewing experience for you. With the 43-inch, you can see every little detail on the screen thanks to the HDR-Ready adapted technology. With the 64bit, Dual-core 1.2GHz CPU, ARM GPU, 1GB RAM & 8GB Memory, you can also experience smartphone-like performance with Thomson’s 43-inch 4k Smart LED TV. The 43-inch is also a powerhouse of content with a world of applications like Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar and many more apps for video-on-demand, social networking, gaming and music are available.

Thomson Smart LED TV

But the real icing on the cake with these TVs is the ‘Sport mode’. The ‘Sport mode’ enables you to experience enhanced sound & picture quality making ‘match days’ completely worth the wait. Turn on Sport mode in picture and sound setting and enjoy a stadium-like experience right in your living room.

So, what are you waiting for? Look up the new Thomson Smart LED TV here. Remember, it’s available as a #FlipkartUnique deal! 

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